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@aldas aldas released this 10 Aug 20:20
· 53 commits to master since this release

Most notable things

You can now add any arbitrary HTTP method type as a route #2237

e.Add("COPY", "/*", func(c echo.Context) error 
  return c.String(http.StatusOK, "OK COPY")

You can add custom 404 handler for specific paths #2217

e.RouteNotFound("/*", func(c echo.Context) error { return c.NoContent(http.StatusNotFound) })

g := e.Group("/images")
g.RouteNotFound("/*", func(c echo.Context) error { return c.NoContent(http.StatusNotFound) })


  • Add new value binding methods (UnixTimeMilli,TextUnmarshaler,JSONUnmarshaler) to Valuebinder #2127
  • Refactor: body_limit middleware unit test #2145
  • Refactor: Timeout mw: rework how test waits for timeout. #2187
  • BasicAuth middleware returns 500 InternalServerError on invalid base64 strings but should return 400 #2191
  • Refactor: duplicated findStaticChild process at findChildWithLabel #2176
  • Allow different param names in different methods with same path scheme #2209
  • Add support for registering handlers for different 404 routes #2217
  • Middlewares should use errors.As() instead of type assertion on HTTPError #2227
  • Allow arbitrary HTTP method types to be added as routes #2237