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+++ title = "Load Balancing Recipe" description = "Load balancing multiple Echo servers using a reverse proxy server like Nginx, HaProxy." [menu.main] name = "Load Balancing" parent = "cookbook" +++

This recipe demonstrates how you can use Nginx as a reverse proxy server and load balance between multiple Echo servers.

How to setup Nginx proxy server with Echo?

Step 1: Install Nginx

Step 2: Configure Nginx

Create a file /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/localhost with the following content:

{{< embed "load-balancing/nginx.conf" >}}

Change listen, server_name, access_log per your need.

Step 3: Restart Nginx

service nginx restart

Step 4: Start upstream servers

  • cd upstream
  • go run server.go server1 :8081
  • go run server.go server2 :8082

Step 5: Browse to https://localhost:8080

You should see a webpage being served from "server 1" or "server 2".

Hello from upstream server server1

[Source Code]({{< source "load-balancing" >}})


{{< embed "load-balancing/upstream/server.go" >}}