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Montpellier Fablab (France)

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  1. GTwo Public

    CNC Shield for Arduino DUE powered with Synthetos G2 ( )

    Eagle 16 4

  2. Library for controlling Led matrix displays with MAX7219 using NodeMCU or ESP8266 Modules

    C++ 5 3

  3. WifiBot Public

    Robot firmware based on ESP8266 NodeMCU

    Arduino 4 2

  4. Forked from t-oster/LibLaserCut

    a platform independant library to control Lasercutters. This is the base library for VisiCut

    Java 1

  5. IcaLed Public

    A tool for displaying on a scroller made of 8 Led displays (8X8) driven with Max 7219) an Agenda of upcoming events tool from an ical feed on a website. Have been developped on NodeMCU (ESP8266 Pro…

    Arduino 1

  6. Ecowatt Public

    Un système connecté pour exploiter les données Ecowatt

    C++ 1


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