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12/11/06 v0.3 (Beautiful Insane)
New Features:
* Open maps from the command line (allowing Beagle to work with labyrinth
properly) - Kevin Kubasik (Issue #3)
* Add "Further Info" to all thoughts allowing further notes to be attached to
any thought. Some work borrowed from Gourmet Recipe Manager
* Store maximised state for maps across saves
* Export as Image (png and jpeg)
* Selecting text within thought now works
* Cut / copy / paste using clipboard and primary selection
* Much improved handling of multibyte characters and non-English keyboard
* Massively cool new tango-ified icon (Josef Vybíral)
* Large Browser internal rework. Added optional trayicon (disabled by default)
Can be enabled by passing --use-tray-icon to labyrinth
- First step towards an applet
(Andreas Sliwka)
* Much improved Browser window layout, adding menus and moving
the "Help->About" from Map windows to the Browser window, among other things
(Jean-François Fortin Tam, issue #15)
* Add debug printing framework (Andreas Sliwka)
* Change cursor when moving mouse across thoughts to reflext currently
available action
* Merge "Move" and "Edit" mode into single "Edit" mode
* Selection of multiple thoughts now possible
* More performance work
* Massively improved RTL support
* Add (experimental) Undo / Redo framework
* Add menu entry to link / unlink selected thoughts
* Use tango-ified colours for text selection colour and to denote selected
and root thought (until theme support is added)
* Regenerate when required (Issue #1)
* Add icons to toolbar as temprary fix for issue #2
* Fix thought numbers across saves (issue #6 and #32)
* Don't "jerk" thoughts around when moving (issue #19)
* Escape should finish editing thoughts (issue # 23)
* Backspace at start of thoughts breaks things royally (issue #25)
* Problem resizing drawings / images using the top-right corner
* ctrl-a selects either all thoughts or all text in (currently editing) thought
* Improvements to handling of arrow keys within editing thoughts
* Fix several unclear and confusing messages (Issue #28)
* Change mode when inserting image. Remember current mode across saves
properly (Requires PyGtk >= 2.10)
* Fix export dialog to show up properly (Issue #29)
* ru (Alexandre Prokoudine)
* nl (Rigo Ketelings and Max Beauchez)
* pl (Tomasz Dominikowski)
* pt_BR (Leonardo Gregianin)
* ca (Gil Forcada)
* cs (Josef Vybíral)
* fr (Mathieu Leduc-Hamel and Jean-François Fortin Tam)
* pt_PT (Luis Gomes)
* eu (Zunbeltz Izaola)
* sv (Robin Sonefors)
* de (Raphael Schmid and Florian Ludwig)
Infrastructure Changes:
* Add list of 1.0 targets to doc/TheFuture
* Fantastic new website design by Florian Ludwig
New Features:
* Base thought class for future thought types to derive from
* Add new document to docs describing (current) file format
* Add i18n framework. No translations yet thought
* Add Image Thought for adding images from external files
* Add image mode for adding an image
* Add Drawing Thought for simple drawings
* Add drawing mode for drawing in drawing thoughts
* Both Image and Drawing Thoughts are resizable by dragging corners / edges
* New (crappy) Labyrinth icon
* Add menu entry (shows up in Applications->Office)
* Set window icon to new Labyrinth icon in Browser and map windows
* All thought types now have slightly rounded corners
* When resizing thoughts, change the cursor to reflect this
* Links now originate at the centre of thoughts, making them look prettier
* Fix uninstalled mode
* Only allow 'Open' and 'Delete' to be used when a map is selected in Browser window
* Make removal of links work properly
* Various code cleanups (Thanks to Rogi Lemar)
* Make defs get generated properly (From Alacarte)
* Only redraw every 1/40th second when required to stop hammering X server
* Draw links behind thoughts for added solidity
New features:
* Tomboy style loading and saving of maps
* Saves all thoughts and links
* Saves window title, current mode, geometry and placement of window
* Link strengthening and weakening
* Drag a link from a current parent to a current child to strengthen the link by 1
* Drag from child to parent to weaken the link by 1
* If strength reaches 0, link is deleted
* Massive internal rework (Yes, again)
* No more parent-child relationship in code
* Makes it much easier to maintain and write save files for
* Make install work again
New features:
* Menubar and toolbar added. Beginnings of a user-interface. Yay!
* Allow multiple Labyrinth windows to open at the same time
* Added an About dialog
* Allow windows to be closed (ctrl-W) or quit the app (ctrl-Q). Also from the menu.
* Different modes:
* Move Mode allows you to drag thoughts around and delete them with the delete / backspace key.
* Edit Mode</b> allows you to enter new thoughts, edit old thoughts and link up thoughts.
* Deletion of nodes. Either through delete / backspace key in Move Mode or by menu item in any mode. Note, when no node is selected, this silently fails. The menu item is always sensitive.
* Massive code rework. Code is now cleaner than before and easier to work with. (Of course, it will likely be screwed with again before becoming serious)
* Window title becomes Primary Thought content. If no primary thought, default to "Untitled Map %d"
* Break Install
Initial release
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