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PSICAT 1.0.0 is now available!


  • Annotations on ranged Symbols are vertically centered
  • When a Unit, Lithology, or Symbol is selected, using Shift + the Up/Down Arrow will select the object above/below the current selection. Useful for navigating a diagram. It also simplifies the selection and deletion of bogus (inverted or zero-length) objects, which can't be selected with the mouse. Previously, such objects had to be deleted manually by hand-editing the underlying XML data.
  • New LacCore default lithology and symbol schemes, including a soft sediment scheme. Old schemes are still available in the 'legacy schemes' directory. All schemes include PDF catalogs.
  • New Project Wizard: choice of default lithology and symbol scheme
  • Strat Column Export now accepts 'Core Type' or 'Tool' column in Splice Interval Table
  • Strat Column: optional export of spliced lithologies and symbols in Excel format
  • Strat Column: export log option unchecked by default
  • Removed unnecessary 'tools' directory which existed only to contain the 'SchemeEditor' directory.
  • Splash screens for both PSICAT and SchemeEditor!

Windows-specific Change:
As of 1.0.0, the Windows build includes its own 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (version 1.8) to prevent conflicts with system-installed versions of Java.

Please report any bugs you encounter!

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Oct 27, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT 0.9.8 is now available! Major changes include:

  • Stratigraphic Column Export
    -- Support for section depths or Splice Interval Tables as inputs. Splice Interval Tables allow user-defined portions of sections to be included in a strat column
    -- Improved error handling and reporting
    -- Optional log export detailing strat column creation, useful for debugging

New tutorials on the updated strat column export process have been added:
PSICAT Tutorial 7a: Stratigraphic Columns with Section Depths
PSICAT Tutorial 7b: Stratigraphic Columns with Splice Interval Tables
PSICAT Tutorial 7c: Using Grain Size Files in Strat Column Export

  • SchemeEditor
    -- Overhauled interface for more intuitive use
    -- Colors used in a scheme are now tracked for easy reuse
    -- Colors in a scheme can be normalized to resolve proliferation of slightly different colors
    -- Auto-generation of scheme IDs and codes.
    -- Custom images used in a scheme are included in the Choose Image dialog

A new tutorial on the updated version of SchemeEditor has been added:
PSICAT Tutorial 5: Custom Lithology & Symbol Schemes

  • Audit Project
    -- Errors can now be double-clicked to open the relevant section diagram
    -- Added check for missing scheme entries (those defined in project but absent from project's schemes)
    -- Optional log export of audit
  • General
    -- Projects can now be correctly viewed on systems whose language uses a comma-decimal (3,1415) instead of a dot-decimal (3.1415). Previous versions interpreted e.g. "3.1415m" as "31415m" under such systems, resulting in massive, incorrect lengths. When editing under such a system, note that dot decimals are required.
    -- Allow import of DIS projects
    -- Filterable project section list
    -- Progress bar in File > Export > Tabular Data dialog
    -- Numerous bug fixes

Please report any bugs you encounter!

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Dec 30, 2016 · 42 commits to master since this release

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A preview build of PSICAT 0.9.8 is now available for testing. Please report any bugs you encounter!

Major changes include:

  • Support for section depth metadata or Splice Interval Tables as inputs to strat column generation
  • Overhauled SchemeEditor interface: spreadsheet-like behavior; the easily-forgotten "Update" button has been condemned to the digital void; colors used in a scheme are now tracked for easy reuse
  • Audit Project: errors can now be double-clicked to open the relevant section diagram; text log export
  • Project section list can be filtered
  • Various bug fixes
Dec 14, 2016
December 14 2016 Preview
Dec 13, 2016
Pre-release #2 of PSICAT 0.9.8

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Feb 25, 2016 · 86 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT 0.9.7 is now available! Changes in this version:

  • Validation of top and base values when manually editing. Invalid values will change the edit field's background from white to pink, and navigation away from the field will be prevented until a proper value is inputted.

screen shot 2016-02-24 at 11 43 45 pm

  • Improved validation when creating Intervals and Units with the mouse. In earlier versions, it was easy to accidentally create bogus Units/Intervals with 1) zero length, 2) base over top, or 3) overlapping existing intervals. It's not impossible to create such intervals in 0.9.7: one can still manually input bogus values in top/base edit fields, but creating a bogus interval through an errant click is much less likely now.
  • Basic font size options for annotations: Small/Medium/Large. Found in the View > Font Size menu. Saved on a per-project basis. For those who (understandably!) struggled with the tiny default annotation font size in earlier versions of PSICAT. For those with 20/10 vision, "Small" is the same size as the old default. :-)

screen shot 2016-02-24 at 11 44 08 pm

  • Strat column export: user-editable depth range. These values will be initialized with the minimum and maximum depth of the selected section data metadata file, but can be changed to your liking: for instance, to maintain a consistent scale for comparison of strat columns exported from holes of different lengths, or to export segments of a hole for greater detail without manually editing the section data metadata file.
  • In the File > New > Sections from Images... dialog, selected images for which sections already exist (if the image file's name minus its extension (e.g. '.jpg') matches that of an existing section) will be ignored on OK. Previously, a duplicate image caused the import process to abort mid-stream.
  • Outcrop projects - an admittedly dusty corner of PSICAT - should work on a basic level, e.g Intervals will be created from the bottom up, as opposed to top-down for Wells. In previous versions, Outcrops behaved exactly like Wells. Note that Strat Column export for Outcrops will not work correctly at present, and other features beyond basic diagram creation may not work properly. Please report bugs in Outcrop behavior as you find them and we'll do our best to address them!

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Jul 21, 2015 · 99 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT 0.9.6 is now available!

This release resolves a critical bug in 0.9.5 that prevents certain dialogs from being opened, including New Sections from Images, Export Tabular Data, and Export Diagram.

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Jun 24, 2015 · 100 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT 0.9.5 is now available!

This release focuses primarily on the Export Strat Columns dialog. Several options were added to allow more flexible output. Symbols can be drawn individually, aggregated, or omitted entirely. Interval widths can be drawn based on project grain size, an alternate set of widths defined in a file, or made uniform. The grain size labels/scale can be optionally included. Symbols are now drawn as raster images rather than textured polygons: this looks slightly better, and reduces file size to boot!

Also notice the new Edit > Audit Project dialog, which checks projects for common errors such as undescribed sections and other potential issues.

As of this version, PSICAT will check GitHub for more a recent version on startup and notify you if one is available. The option is also available in Help > Check for Updates... if you just can't wait to know!

@sorghumking sorghumking released this May 2, 2015 · 116 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT 0.9.4 is now available!

This release resolves performance issues on Windows which manifested mostly in intermittent failure to export PDF diagrams in PSICAT, and scheme catalog PDFs in SchemeEditor. The memory available to each application was being limited to a 64MB - a pittance in modern software! This limit has been bumped to a healthy 1GB.

Strat column export also received some attention in this build. You can optionally include section names with top/base indicators, a legend of included lithologies and symbols, and decimeter ruler markings when possible (columns < ~200m). "None" lithologies and symbols within those intervals will be drawn in white and included in the legend.

@sorghumking sorghumking released this Apr 13, 2015 · 134 commits to master since this release

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PSICAT v0.9.3 is now available!

This release of PSICAT resolves several interface-related annoyances:

  • When editing an annotation, mousing over the diagram area no longer steals focus
  • Diagram immediately updates to reflect current annotation text
  • Clicking in the Interval area when the diagram doesn't have focus can no longer create a bogus inverted interval (where base depth is above top depth)
  • Choose Schemes dialog: multiple schemes can be added/removed at once
  • Fixed issue where lithology and symbol dropdowns displayed incorrect lithology/symbol for the current selection
  • Fixed issue causing project's grain size scale to be ignored in favor of the default when exporting diagrams

SchemeEditor output has been improved in a variety of ways:

  • Allow export of paged catalogs for easy printing
  • Lithology tiles are drawn at their native resolution rather than stretching/squeezing to fit
  • Symbol catalogs use a much more compact layout, and include a small and large image, indicating how symbols will appear in PSICAT and exported PDF diagrams, respectively

screen shot 2015-04-13 at 3 19 26 pm

  • Retain and restore last-used open and save directories