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Google Voice Python script
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Google Voice command line tool

Send SMS or make calls from the command line.

1. Google contact lookup
2. Login cookie storage
3. Split messages automatically on 140 character boundaries
4. JSON config file

Usage: gv [-c config_file] sms [destination] [message]
Usage: gv [-c config_file] call [destination] [phone to ring]
e.g. gv sms "John Smith" "Be there any minute, man."

Make sure you have a json config file at the default path ($HOME/.gv.conf)
Login token from client login can be cached. If you create a config file like the following:
{"username":"","password":"google password","token":""}
and then send a message, the program will log in and save the token. You can then remove your password from the file.

I may create a more elegant interface for this in the future.


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