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A Linux Application to handle audio tags (Gtk3)
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GabTag Build Status

Description :

GabTag is a Linux audio tagging tool written in GTK 3, which makes it very suitable for gtk based desktop users.

It allow users to select several file and modify their tags, It is also possible to directly let GabTag automatically find tags and lyrics for the audio files using online data.

GabTag is written in Python 3, uses Mutagen to handle audio tag. It also uses MusicBrainz database to find audio tags and to find lyrics online.

Download on Flathub

Features :

  • Add, modify or delete basic tags (title, album, artist, genre)
  • other strings tags and labels
  • Cover tag
  • Modify several file at the same time.
  • MP3 File handled
  • Flac File handled
  • bold font on modified tags and files
  • Automatic completion of tags (from online data)
  • Lyrics (from online data)
  • Multi-folder modification
  • Acoustic ID integration


Support/Donation :

If you like Gabtag and would like to support the development of this project, please donate below!


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