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Useful Links

{% capture algorithms %}

{% capture college %}

{% capture compilers %}

  • Rust: The New LLVM - Will Crichton discusses the advantages and disadvantages of writing compilers that target Rust. {% endcapture %}

{% capture humor %}

  • CommitStrip - CommitStrip is a series of comics about "the daily life of web agency developers." {% endcapture %}

{% capture programming %}

  • Autotools Tutorial - Alexandre Duret-Lutz offers a great way to get up and running with the GNU Build System.
  • The other kind of JavaScript fatigue - Christian Maioli Mackeprang questions the current state of the JavaScript community.
  • Reading C type declarations - Steve Friedl explains C type declarations and the reasoning behind their syntax in an arguably better way than that of K&R. {% endcapture %}
Below is a collection of things on the web that I've found useful or interesting in one way or another.

{% include accordion.html type='begin' name='links' %} {% include accordion.html type='item' name='Algorithms' md=algorithms %} {% include accordion.html type='item' name='College' md=college %} {% include accordion.html type='item' name='Compilers' md=compilers %} {% include accordion.html type='item' name='Humor' md=humor %} {% include accordion.html type='item' name='Programming' md=programming %} {% include accordion.html type='end' %}

If you notice a broken link, a PR or issue on GitHub would be greatly appreciated.
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