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Adobe After Effects CEP helper panel for the clunky Colorama effect

GIF Demo

Achieved through direct manipulation of the animation preset binary


  • The data in [Source / Masks / Effects & Masks] options of Add Phase and Mask Layer will not be saved
  • Keyframes and expressions on the effect are not saved

How it works

Here is a diagram explaining the .ffx data stored for Colorama

Explanation of Colorama data

Detailed discussion on Adobe Community

Where the section of keys begin and end, and where the total number of keys is stored seem to differ from setup to setup. For the template.ffx provided in this repository, the keys starts on 2D1C and the byte containing the number of keys is stored in 2F1F. It also seems that the same data repeats once at 0CD0 and 0ED3 (keys and # of keys, respectively), but they do not seem to matter when the .ffx is applied.

ID Labels of the effect (As of CC 2021 18.0.0, Colorama v1.1)

Labels of Colorama