Various patches and improvements on Gentoo Linux ebuilds
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Various patches and improvements on Gentoo Linux ebuilds

ladish ebuild

Note: 06-04-2016 there is another overlay with a more up-to-date ebuilds here:

media-sound/ladish-9999-r1 from this overlay differs from proaudio overlay version by adding necessary PYTHON_REQ_USE='threads(+)' (configure-phase error) and append-cxxflags '-std=c++11' (compile-phase error). This is to mirror the changes in new glibmm.

sbsigntool ebuild

Note: as of 04-03-2016 the fix was pushed upstream, so no need to overlay:

app-crypt/sbsigntool-0.6.r1 from this overlay differs from upstream app-crypt/sbsigntool-0.6.r1 by depending on binutils-libs. Header file bfd.h was required in the compile phase, originally provided by binutils now moved to bunutils-libs. Log:

checking bfd.h usability... no
checking bfd.h presence... no
checking for bfd.h... no
configure: error: bfd.h not found.
bfd.h is usually distributed in a binutils development package.