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Create well-crafted serverless applications, effortlessly
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geoffdutton feat(laconia-config): Parse integers and floats from LACONIA_CONFIG_ …
…env variables (#543)

* initial implementation of float and integer converters for #542

* use for...of in place of .forEach to await promises

* test(laconia-config): adds NaN tests

* test(laconia-config): updates tests for NaN to throw an error

* lint error

* test(laconia-config): corrects checking parsed value, adds test for empty string

* test(laconia-config): Tests for invalid characters that are still parsed as floats or ints

* test(laconia-config): Adds tests for negative values
Latest commit f4aa221 Feb 27, 2020


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docs Add big square scanvas logo that's used in Twitter and everywhere else May 26, 2019
packages feat(laconia-config): Parse integers and floats from LACONIA_CONFIG_ … Feb 27, 2020
.envrc fix(kaizen): test commit messages Jan 21, 2020
.npmpackagejsonlintrc.json Add more and standardise information in package.jsons. Mar 29, 2018
.nvmrc Drop node6.10 support. May 10, 2018 Add CODE_OF_CONDUCT via Contributor Covenant Apr 22, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Dec 10, 2017 GH-153 Remove Snyk badge Jul 8, 2019
commitlint.config.js style(kaizen): fix eslint error of commitlint.config.js Jan 21, 2020
greenkeeper.json chore: add Greenkeeper config file Feb 9, 2019
package-lock.json chore(deps-dev): bump npm-package-json-lint to 4.6.0 in package.json Feb 18, 2020
package.json chore(deps-dev): bump npm-package-json-lint to 4.6.0 in package.json Feb 18, 2020
tsconfig.json GH-55 Fix broken build by adding lib to tsconfig Jun 5, 2019


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🛡️ Laconia — Create well-crafted serverless applications, effortlessly

If you like Laconia, ⭐ the project to support its development!

Laconia is a microframework for building Node.js serverless function based applications.


  • Hexagonal: Laconia allows you to write serverless functions in Hexagonal Architecture easily. All of your serverless functions will have more consistent patterns that are testable, maintainable, and loosely coupled.
  • Non-intrusive: Never be forced to inherit any Laconia-specific component in your application code. Everything that you write will be plain objects and functions.
  • Focused: Laconia is not a generic framework, it is specialised in serverless. This allows Laconia to enable serverless specific best practices and deal with serverless specific issues.
  • Lightweight: Using small and simple dependencies is the key to performant serverless functions. Laconia is designed with that principle in mind.
  • Quality: Laconia lays strong emphasis on code quality and high test coverage to ensure its seamless use and continued maintenance.
  • Versatile: Use Laconia with your favourite serverless deployment tools. Laconia is created to help more on the application side of serverless development.


Visit Laconia's website at, for:

You can improve it by sending pull requests to the website repository.


Apache License 2.0

FOSSA Status

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