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Simple promise based RPC between window and worker with TypeScript
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TypeScript WebWorker RPC Build Status

This is a simple RPC utils to build a bridge between window and worker as simple way using TypeScript.


yarn add typescript-webworker-rpc


Quick start

  1. Define your RPC interface.
interface AccumulatorRPC {
  add: (value: number) => void;
  get: () => number;
  1. Create an object for server-calling and register handlers.
// Maybe in web-worker context.
let totalValue = 0;
new RPCServer<keyof AccumulatorRPC, AccumulatorRPC>(self as any)
  .on('add', value => {
    totalValue += value;
  .on('get', () => ({ result: totalValue }));
  1. Create an object for client-calling.
// Maybe in window context.
const rpc = new RPCClient<keyof AccumulatorRPC, AccumulatorRPC>(worker);

await'add', 20);
const newValue = await'get', {});


Let's write an example that communicates each endpoints with ping and pong messages.

  1. Write two interfaces for that.
// window -> worker
interface Ping {
  ping: () => void;
// worker -> window
interface Pong {
  pong: () => void;
  1. Write both of client and server using both channels.
// window.ts
const pingRPC = new rpc.RPCClient<keyof Ping, Ping>(worker);
new rpc.RPCServer<keyof Pong, Pong>(worker).on('pong', async () => {
  await'ping', {});

// worker.ts
const pongRPC = new rpc.RPCClient<keyof Pong, Pong>(self as any);
new rpc.RPCServer<keyof Ping, Ping>(self as any).on('ping', async () => {
  await'pong', {});

Of course, above example doesn't be terminated because it is the infinity recursive call.



A object to call a method to send a request to web-worker side and wait a result using Promise.


await`method-name`, parameter, transfer?);

If you send an ArrayBuffer to web-worker, you can use like this. If you can transfer the ownership of that object, please use transfer parameter like postMessage.

await`addBuffer`, buffer, [buffer]);

If you want to send multiple parameters, please use an object like this.

interface ComplexCall {
  awesome: (args: { some: number; thing: string }) => void;
await`awesome`, { some: 10, thing: 'good' });


call method uses a promise to wait its result from web-worker. But if you want to post a message and don't need to wait for its result, you can use post method like this.`addBuffer`, buffer, [buffer]);

It can reduce meaningless waiting costs when you can fire and forget.


If you want to handle an error from worker, please chain error handler using onError method.

rpc.onError(error => console.error);


A object to receive a request from window and response a result.

on (for call)

You can write a method call handler like event handler.

rpc.on(`method-name`, `handler => {result, transfer}`, `transfer`);

If your method is a void function, you can write a void handler. But in other cases, a return type should be {result: ReturnType; transfer?: Transferable[] } because it should support transfer like postMessage.

on (for post)

If your handler doesn't need to response due to call from post function, you should use noReturn option when installing a method handler.

  buffer => {
  { noReturn: true },

Then there is no postMessage for that.


It is same as RPCClient#onError. If you want to handle an error from worker, please chain error handler using onError method.

rpc.onError(error => console.error);



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