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Casper Child

A Ghost-like WordPress theme

Casper (for WordPress) is a simple yet beautiful theme for bloggers.

This is the starter child theme for Casper, used for editing and making changes to the original theme. The purpose of a child theme is to make personal theme changes in an isolated location, so that your changes will not get blown away when you update the parent theme.


Download Casper from the Theme Directory


Install and activate Casper. You need the most recent version of the theme. Once Casper is working, upload the casper-child folder into your WordPress theme directory, alongside the casper folder. In your dashboard, activate the Casper Child theme to make it live.

By default a style.css is included with which you can write CSS rules to override Casper styles.

The functions.php file works just as a normal theme's functions file. It is loaded before the parent theme functions and is able to overwrite parent theme functions by defining them here.

For more info on using child themes, check out the WordPress Codex.

Many thanks to the Ghost & WordPress teams, as well as the Underscores _s contributers, and kvendrik. Built using all of the above.


πŸ‘» A starter child theme for Casper



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