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Git Demo

So you want to learn about Git? A great place to start is:


By the end of this tutorial you will have:

  • Forked a codebase
  • Created a branch
  • Edited the README
  • Created a PR
  • Learned some Git

First Steps

In order to follow this tutorial you will need access to the following:

  • Git on your machince, this can be done by following the steps on how to install GIT
  • A Github account, if you don't have one you can create one here

Oh Forks

A fork is a copy of a repository that you manage. Forks let you make changes to a project without affecting the original repository. You can fetch updates from or submit changes to the original repository with pull requests.

This repo acts as the original repository, which everyone will not have write access to. So to get around this we will fork the repo, make the changes, create a PR and see our changes once the PR has been approved.


On the GitHub web interface, click Fork on the top right hand corner: this will make a copy of the repo to your GitHub account. Then we will clone your forked repo onto your own machine by using Gir via command line or another Git tool.

To then clone on command line:

git clone

Make sure to ensure that the /username/ is in fact your own username! Aka change it from /fieheath/

Create a Branch

Follow the instructions on how to create a branch. This can be done on Github Web Interface, Name the branch after your username, mine would be fieheath_branch.

Alternatively, this can be done on the command line:

git checkout -b [name_of_your_new_branch]

Edit this ReadMe

Edit this ReadMe by adding your name at the section in the bottom.

Add and Commit

You will want to add your changed files and the index to the repository, this is done via add.

git add .

Commit your change, make sure to add a useful message. Ensuring you are using your own branch!

git commit -m "Add your useful message here"


Once you have commit your changes on your local repo you will want to make sure it is on the repository, we do this by pushing.

git push origin [name_of_your_new_branch]

Create a PR

Create a PR (pull-request) or MR (merge request). Follow the instructions on creating a pull request


Once your merge request has been approved, merge your changes. You will then see the update on the original repo! (Note pull requests have a 24-48 hour period until they will be reviewed!)

Add Your Name Here

  • Fiona Heath
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