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Ladies of Code LDS | May 2017

May 02, 6:00 PM - Future Labs Photos from event

So…it’s not all headphones and screens? - presented by Amardeep Sirha

As Agile continues to challenge the status quo of the software development industry, Sky stand tall in promoting, implementing and failing fast in the movement. A quick talk on how Sky implement Scrum: the joys, the fears, the confusion.

Check out Amardeep's presentation

Amardeep is a a strong believer in Agile and advocate this through: educating stakeholders to form an agile mind-set, following the Just-In-Time analysis concept, facilitating the team in lean software development and taking an active role within the Business Analyst and Agile communities within Yorkshire.

Beyond Bootstrap - presented by Tejay White

Technology has the power to improve lives and solve problems – this is just the idea that Tejay puts into the software she creates. Currently working for Tribal, an educational software developer, Tejay previously ran her own company for eight years. She’s become increasingly interested in intelligent software design and going beyond UX into the emerging field of PX – that’s personal experience.

Check out Tejay's presentation

Tejay is actively involved in closing the gender gap in tech and is a lead instructor for Code First: Girls, a social enterprise that trains up young women across the country with digital skills.

A Journey Into Code - presented by Ceri-anne Jackson

A talk about learning to code, changing career and becoming a junior developer.

Check out Ceri-anne's presentation

Ceri-anne is an associate software developer at Sky. She recently took part in Sky's Get into Tech programme and changed career after spending 14 years working in the Credit Risk industry. Now working on iOS/Swift apps and passionate about getting more women into tech.

End to End Testing, are you wasting too much time? - presented by Shahnaaz Rahamatullah

The trials and tribulations of testing the robustness of your code from developer output to what is presented to the user on the screen.

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