Ladybug Tools

Ladybug Tools is a collection of free computer applications that support environmental design and education.

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  1. contributing

    Guidelines for contributing to Ladybug Tools projects


  2. ladybug

    🐞 Core ladybug library

    Python 31 15

  3. honeybee

    🐝 A python library to create, run and visualize the results of daylight (radiance) and energy analysis (OpenStudio).

    Python 32 16

  4. butterfly

    🦋 A light python API for creating and running OpenFoam cases for CFD simulation.

    Python 85 31

  5. spider

    🕸 3D interactive analysis in your browser mostly written around the Three.js JavaScript library

    HTML 18 7

  6. dragonfly

    🐉 A python library for urban climate + energy modeling.

    Python 1 3