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Wagnaria is a WSGI application built on the Bottle python web framework, using MongoDB (and pymongo) as its datastore backend.


Wagnaria uses wsgiref by default, but you may want to substitute a different server for production. It's been developed with gunicorn in mind, behind a nginx proxy.


Copy config.yaml.example to config.yaml, and modify keys as needed.

Any keys added to bottle_run will be dynamically read by the application, so you can also specify additional parameters for if you'd like (e.g. server: cherrypy).

The defaults (if you don't copy the example over) are to start the application on localhost, port 9002, in debug mode. The application also connects to the wagnaria MongoDB on localhost:27017. For more information, see

Starting the application

Standalone, which I use for debugging:


As for Gunicorn, I use a socket and 4 workers:

gunicorn wagnaria:app --bind unix:/tmp/gunicorn-wagnaria.sock -w 4

And bind it to nginx, using SSL:

upstream wagnaria {
	server unix:/tmp/gunicorn-wagnaria.sock fail_timeout=0;
# This redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS
server {
	server_name     $name;
	listen          $name:80;
	rewrite         ^ https://$server_name$request_uri? permanent;
server {
	server_name             $name;
	listen                  $ip:443 ssl;
	ssl_certificate         /etc/ssl/http/$name.pem;
	ssl_certificate_key     /etc/ssl/http/$name.key;
	access_log              logs/access_logs/$name;
	keepalive_timeout       70;
	location / {
		try_files $uri @wagnaria;
	location @wagnaria {
		proxy_set_header        X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
		proxy_set_header        Host $host;
		proxy_redirect          off;
		proxy_pass              http://wagnaria;