Uses Zabbix 2.0's JSON API to return a list of unresolved alerts
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A command line interface for viewing alerts from a Zabbix instance. (Zabbix API 2.0)


Rubygems: json (json_pure is fine), colored


z2monitor [options]
    -a, --ack MATCH                  Acknowledge current events that match a pattern MATCH. No wildcards.
    -m, --disable-maintenance        Filter out servers marked as being in maintenance.
    -1, --print-once                 Only check Zabbix once and print out all alerts.
    -h                               Show this help

Setting Up

Install the gem:

gem install z2monitor

And run:


You'll be prompted initially for the server, and your login information. If you make a mistake or ned to use something different, just remove the associated files in your home directory:

rm ~/.zmonitor-token ~/.zmonitor-server


  • Fixup weird debugging / add verbose flag.
  • Move the output into an ncurses layout