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Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 UHD620 iGPU CLOVER


  • CPU : Intel® Core™ i5-8350U Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)
  • Graphics : Intel® UHD Graphics 620
  • Sound : Realtek ALC3253 (ALC225)
  • Display : 12.3 Inch 1920 X 1280 (WUXGA+) 3:2 10 Points Multi Touch
  • Memory : Samsung LPDDR3 8GB 1867MHZ (4GB * 2 Dual Channel)
  • SSD : TOSHIBA KXG60ZMV256G 256GB (2280), Western Digital PC SN520 NVMe SSD 512GB (2230)
  • Wireless : BCM94352Z(DW1560) (WWAN Slot * 1)
  • Battery : 42WHr

BIOS/Clover Bootloader/macOS Version

  • BIOS : 1.12.1
  • Clover Bootloader : Above v5.0
  • macOS : 10.14.X, 10.15.X

BIOS Setup

  • Load Optimized Defaults

DSDT Patch

  • Edit syntax error


                If (LEqual (PM6H, One))
                    CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW)  // _RW_: Read-Write Status
                    Store (Zero, ECRW (If (PM0H)
                                CreateDWordField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0D._LEN, F0LN)  // _LEN: Length
                                Store (Zero, F0LN)


                If (LEqual (PM6H, One))
                    CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW)  // _RW_: Read-Write Status
                    Store (Zero, ECRW)


                If (PM0H)
                    CreateDWordField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0D._LEN, F0LN)  // _LEN: Length
                    Store (Zero, F0LN)
  • Rename XTBT (TBSE, CPGN) to XTB2 (TBSE, CPGN)
  • Add this just before Method (XTBT, 2, Serialized)
        Method (XTB2, 2)
            XTBT (Arg0, Arg1)
  • [misc] Remove _PRW from LID
  • [sys] AC Adapter Fix
  • [sys] Add IMEI
  • [sys] Fix _WAK Arg0 v2
  • [sys] Fix Mutex with non-zero SyncLevel
  • [sys] Fix PNOT/PPNT
  • [sys] HPET Fix
  • [sys] IRQ Fix
  • [sys] OS Check Fix (Windows 10)
  • [sys] RTC Fix
  • [sys] Shutdown Fix v2
  • [sys] SMBUS Fix
  • [GPIO] GPIO Controller Enable [SKL+]
  • Rename HECI to IMEI
  • Edit BRT6 method - control brightness with 'Fn + F11, Fn + F12' keys


        Method (BRT6, 2, NotSerialized)
            If (LEqual (Arg0, One))
                Notify (LCD, 0x86)

            If (And (Arg0, 0x02))
                Notify (LCD, 0x87)


        Method (BRT6, 2, NotSerialized)
            If (LEqual (Arg0, One))
                Notify (^^LPCB.PS2K, 0x0406)

            If (And (Arg0, 0x02))
                Notify (^^LPCB.PS2K, 0x0405)

Need these MaciASL patch sources
_RehabMan Laptop []
_VoodooI2C-Patches []

Modify DSDT on your system to prevent kernel panic


  • SSDT-ALC225.aml [Sleep Headphone Output Fix]
  • SSDT-DEEPIDLE.aml [Only For Thunderbolt 3 Model]
  • SSDT-EC-USBX.aml [USB Power Control]
  • SSDT-PLUG.aml [PluginType=1]
  • SSDT-PNLF.aml [Brightness Control]
  • SSDT-PRTSC-F13.aml [PrtScr Key to F13 Key]
  • SSDT-RMNE.aml [Null Ethernet]
  • SSDT-TB3.aml [Only For Thunderbolt 3 Model]
  • SSDT-TYPC.aml [Only For Thunderbolt 3 Model]
  • SSDT-UPRW.aml [Prevent wake from USB, Fix some USB issues]
  • SSDT-XOSI.aml [OS Check Fix for Brightness Control Key, Power Button, Touch Screen]


  • change GFX0 to IGPU [IGPU Fix]
  • change HDAS to HDEF [Audio Fix]
  • change HECI to IMEI
  • change MEI to IMEI
  • change ECDV to EC [USB Fix]
  • change OSID to XSID [OS Check Fix for Brightness Control Key]
  • change _OSI to XOSI [OS Check Fix for Brightness Control Key]
  • change UPRW to XPRW [Prevent wake from USB]
  • change GPRW to YPRW [Prevent wake from USB]
  • change _RMV to XRMV [Type C Hot Swap Fix for Thunderbolt 3 Model]


  • ApfsDriverLoader.efi [acidanthera_AppleSupportPkg]
  • OcQuirks.efi [ReddestDream_OcQuirks]
  • OpenRuntime.efi [ReddestDream_OcQuirks]
  • VBoxHfs.efi [acidanthera_AppleSupportPkg]
  • VirtualSmc.efi [acidanthera_VirtualSMC]


  • AirportBrcmFixup.kext
  • AppleALC.kext
  • BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext
  • BrcmFirmwareData.kext
  • BrcmPatchRAM3.kext
  • CodecCommander.kext
  • CPUFriend.kext
  • CPUFriendDataProvider.kext - Generated with one-key-cpufriend by stevezhengshiqi
  • EFICheckDisabler.kext
  • Lilu.kext
  • NullEthernet.kext
  • SMCBatteryManager.kext
  • SMCLightSensor.kext
  • SMCProcessor.kext
  • SMCSuperIO.kext
  • USBPorts.kext - Generated with Hackintool, HS/SS port matching and realignment
  • VirtualSMC.kext
  • VoodooI2C.kext
  • VoodooI2CHID.kext
  • VoodooPS2Controller.kext - Remove /VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/VoodooPS2Trackpad.*
  • WhateverGreen.kext

CPUFriend.kext, CPUFriendDataProvider.kext are not mandatory kext
But creating it for your system will help you manage power

CLOVER Boot Arguments

  • dart=0 [Sidecar Activation]
  • brcmfx-country=#a [Set Country Code for Universal]

CLOVER Devices-Properties

  • Set Audio Layout-ID, Enable Display Audio
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 620


After Installation

  • Remove these Boot Arguments
  • Additional patches are required for iMessage and Facetime activation (Board Serial Number, Serial Number, SmUUID)
  • Rebuild kext cache for touch screen activation [sudo kextcache -i /]
  • Install to activate Alps Touchpad that is disabled after touch screen activation
  • HiDPI 1920 * 1280 (3840 * 2560) can be added, but it requires more resources

Intel® Core™ i5-8350U Processor

  • CPUFriendDataProvider.kext has been modified to manage the operation of the 'Intel® Core ™ i5-8350U Processor'
    If your CPU is not 'Intel® Core™ i5-8350U Processor', remove or regenerate the CPUFriendDataProvider.kext

NullEthernet.kext & SSDT-RMNE.aml

  • Null Ethernet is a way to prevent a Mac address-based license for some software from being broken when a wireless card is absent or replaced (including iCloud)
    If you do not need to consider blocking software licenses by changing your Mac address, you can remove it

Fn Key

  • 'Fn' + 'r' || PrtScr = F13
  • 'Fn' + 'F11' || 'Fn' + 's' = F14 (Brightness down)
  • 'Fn' + 'F12' || 'Fn' + 'b' = F15 (Brightness up)
  • 'Fn' + 'Esc', 'F1', 'F2', 'F3', 'F4', 'F5', 'F6', 'F7', 'F10', 'PrtScr', 'Arrows'
  • Press and hold the 'Power Button' for a short time to enter sleep, long press to display the power menu

For Install OS X El Capitan

  • Add FakeCPUID;Skylake H : 0x0506E3
  • Edit SMBIOS : MacBookPro12,1
  • Add Kext for NVME : HackrNVMeFamily-10_11_6.kext

What Works


  • Intel® UHD Graphics 620 QE/CI, 2048MB vRam
  • Type C DP 2 ports Video/Audio output Hot Swap
  • Thunderbolt Display output
  • Brightness control
  • Sidecar


  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in microphone
  • Line input
  • DP Audio Output


  • I2C touch screen Up to 5 points Gesture action (recognized as Magic Trackpad 2)
  • PS2 Keyboard (Dell Latitude 2-in-1 Travel Keyboard) with Backlight
  • Touchpad (Travel Keyboard, recognized as mouse)
  • Volume button, window button(Option Key), power button(Sleep/Power Key)

Power Management

  • CPU/Speed Step
  • Battery
  • Type C PD 2 Ports Charging, PowerShare
  • Sleep/Wake : For Thunderbolt 3 model, see 'SSDT-DEEPIDLE.aml' in [Issues]
  • Lid Close Sleep with Travel Keyboard

USB, Storage

  • Full Size/Type C USB 2.0, 3.0 Hot Swap
  • m.2 NVME 2280/ m.2 SATA 2280 1 Slot and m.2 NVME 2230(2242)/m.2 SATA 2230(2242) 1 Slot
  • Thunderbolt 3

Wireless Communication

  • iMessage/FaceTime/App Store
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airdrop, Sidecar, Continuity function


  • Changing the headphone jack connection state while in battery use and in sleep mode causes noise and output problems
    To solve this problem, sleep and wake up again

  • Thunderbolt 3 hot swap works but kernel panic may occur when Thunderbolt 3 device is disconnected

  • SSDT-DEEPIDLE.aml enables Type C hot swapping after sleep on Thunderbolt 3 models
    However, it greatly reduces the power efficiency of sleep
    Removing SSDT-DEEPIDLE.aml disables Type C hot swapping after sleep, but sleep power efficiency is normal

  • Magic Trackpad 2 touch screen via VoodooI2C, VoodooI2CHID may not be recognized for new installations or OS updates
    In this case touch screen works after kext cache rebuild [sudo kextcache -i /]
    After recognized the touch screen, the Alps Touchpad of the Magnetic Travel Keyboard is disabled, which can be activated using Karabiner
    Check 'Alps Touchpad (Alps)' in 'Karabiner-Elements Preferences - Devices - Basic configuration'

  • MicroSD slot not working properly
    If you use modified Sinetek-rtsx.kext, you can use HFS+ formatted SD card, but there are still some problems

  • I2C front and rear camera (AVStream2500, OV5670, OV8858) not recognized








Original USB Ports 07USBOrigin

Edited USB Ports 08USBEdit



CLOVER Files for Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 to boot macOS



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