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Alternative RESTfull layer to Cowboy. Deprecated as Elixir's Plug gives a much more complete library
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Tavern is a RESTfull toolkit wrapped around cowboy[1]

The main goal is to provide easy handling of different content types through common a common marshalling structure. There is aslo a API that can be hooked onto to control what content-types to handle along with which HTTP verbs to expose and authorization for those.


Accept header

Request method



Handler API example



-export([methods/1, provides/2, consumes/2, handle_put/2, handle_get/2]).


%% Expose these HTTP methods, default will only expose ['HEAD', 'GET]
%% The OPTIONS is handled by handle_default_options/2
methods(_Req) ->
    ['GET', 'PUT', 'OPTIONS'].

%% The Accept types, default will allow for xml, json, html and text
provides(_Req) ->
    [ {<<$*>>, <<"json">>,[]}
    , {<<"octet">>, <<"stream">>, []}].

%% The allowed Content-Types
provides(_Req) -> default will allow for xml, json, html and text
    [ {<<$*>>, <<"json">>,[]}
    , {<<"octet">>, <<"stream">>, []}].

handle_put(Req, #tavern{body = _Body} = State) ->
    %% The return signature is {httpheader(), #http_req{}, #tavern{}, tree()}
    %% httpheader() is either an atom with the status text, or integer representing
    %% the status code.
    {'Not Implemented', Req, State,[{result, [{message, 'not implemend'}]}]}.

handle_get(Req, #tavern{} = State) ->
    %% The entire cowboy is available if needed
    {Resource, Req} = cowboy_http_req:binding(resource, Req),

    %% The return data is a tree structure where leafes are string, binary or atom.
    %% There is no support for handling XML attributes or self-closing elements and
    %% the structure is more akine to JSON.
    {'Ok', Req, State,[{result, [{message, <<"Look im binary!!!">>}]}]}.


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