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Alternative RESTfull layer to Cowboy. Deprecated as Elixir's Plug gives a much more complete library
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Tavern is a RESTfull toolkit wrapped around cowboy


This project is deprecated since it's no longer maintained or used. There are plenty of other solutions to this problem with much better libraries.

Main Goal

The main goal is to provide easy handling of different content types through common a common marshalling structure. There is aslo a API that can be hooked onto to control what content-types to handle along with which HTTP verbs to expose and authorization for those.

Some parts of it looks alot similar to Webmachine and Cowboy. But differs on 2 points:

  1. Providing a consistent namingscheme for HTTP verb methods (handle__{get,post,put,delete}_).
  2. Transparent handling of input data, all data is transformed to/from a internal data struct.

The former point allows Tavern to focus on marshalling payloads and you to focus on your API's logic.

Travis-CI build status: Build Status

Handler API example

To start of just create a cowboy_http_handler implementation and include tavern/include/rest_module.hrl. This will provide some request validation, payload marshalling and automagically map cowboy callbacks to your methods.



-export([allowed_methods/2, content_types_provided/2, content_types_accepted/2,
    handle_put/2, handle_get/2]).


%% Expose these HTTP methods, default will only expose [<<"HEAD">>, <<"GET">>]
%% The OPTIONS is handled by handle_default_options/2
allowed_methods(Req, State) ->
    {[<<"GET">>, <<"PUT">>, <<"OPTIONS">>], Req, State}.

%% The Accept types, default will allow for xml, json, html and text
content_types_provided(Req, State) ->
    { [ {<<"application">>, <<"json">>,[]}
      , {<<"octet">>, <<"stream">>, []}]
    , Req
    , State}.

%% The allowed Content-Types
content_types_accepted(Req, State) -> default will allow for xml, json, html and text
    { [ {<<"application">>, <<"json">>}
      , {<<"octet">>, <<"stream">>}]
    , Req
    , State}.

handle_put(Req, #tavern{body = _Body} = State) ->
    %% The return signature is {httpheader(), #http_req{}, #tavern{}, tree()}
    %% httpheader() is either an atom with the status text, or integer representing
    %% the status code.
    {'Not Implemented', Req, State,[{result, [{message, 'not implemend'}]}]}.

handle_get(Req, #tavern{} = State) ->
    %% The entire cowboy is available if needed
    {Resource, Req} = cowboy_http_req:binding(resource, Req),

    %% The return data is a tree structure where leafes are string, binary or atom.
    %% There is no support for handling XML attributes or self-closing elements and
    %% the structure is more akine to JSON.
    {'Ok', Req, State,[{result, [{message, <<"Look im binary!!!">>}]}]}.

Overrideable methods

You can override the initial config in the #tavern{} record by exposing the correct methods:

allowed_methods/2 -> {[atom()], #http_req{}, #tavern{}}.

The methods that is accepted, if this returns an empty list it will allow all methods. If request method is not allowed a 405 Method Not Allowed is returned.

Default is to accept HEAD, GET and OPTIONS.

method_handlers/2 -> {[{atom(), atom()}], #http_req{}, #tavern{}}.

Mapping of HTTP request methods and the function that should handle the request. Default maps to handle_<method> except for OPTIONS which maps to handle_default_options.

content_types_provided/2 -> {[tavern_http:mime()], #http_req{}, #tavern{}}.

A list of mime-types that the resource is capable of writing, default is to provide application/json, application/xml, text/html and text/plain..

All items here MUST have a corresponding type in tavern_marshal_*.

content_types_accepted/2 -> {[tavern_http:mime_charset() | tavern_http:mime()], #http_req{}, #tavern{}}.

Provides with mime-type tuples that can be written to the resource, this is matched with the Content-Type header for the mime & charset.

The tavern application

Error codes

1000 An unknown error, most likely in the tavern code
1001 An empty response was encountered, this should not happend without a ```Empty Reponse``` header
1002 No request handlers assigned for the given request method
1003 An error occured with the conversion of content to/from the internal format



Building Edoc

By default, ./rebar doc generates Github-flavored Markdown files. If you want to change this, remove the edoc_opts line from rebar.config.

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