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Android bitmap Face Cropper

Link to sample apk and jar

##Usage To crop faces automatically, you have to instantiate an object of FaceCropper class in that way:

FaceCropper mFaceCropper = new FaceCropper();

getCroppedImage method supports int argument as a drawable resource, or directly a Bitmap.

##Configuration There are 4 important methods to configure its behavior:

setMaxFaces(int faces), to adjust the maximum number of faces to be recognized.

setFaceMinSize(int faceMinSize), in pixels.

setFaceMarginPx(int faceMarginPx), in pixels, and for each side.

setEyeDistanceFactorMargin(float eyeDistanceFactorMargin), as a multiplier of the distance between the detected face eyes.

setDebug(boolean debug), to enable painting red circles over detected faces.

getFullDebugImage(Bitmap bitmap), to obtain a non-cropped image as the original, but with the detected faces painted, and the cropped area painted in green.