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Stellar Federation Server

One of the beautiful features of Stellar is the ability to create a federation server. This allows you to send payments to accounts on the network without having to know the public key of the account.

Technical Details


  • Built with Go.
  • Containerized
  • Federation server is a REST API that is exposed to the public.
  • Uses the Stellar Network Foundation protocol.


  • Dynamic Memo support

    Add any memo to any transaction by sending the payment to tyler+Thank_You* The text following + is the memo.

    Learn more about Memos at

  • Supports multiple federation domains per servers
  • Supports ID to federation reverse lookups

How to use

  1. Create your stellar.yaml file

    A sample file is show in the repo.

  2. Create your stellar.toml file

    A sample file is show in the repo.

  3. Upload your stellar.toml files so it can be found by the Stellar Network at https://YOUR_DOMAIN/.well-known/stellar.toml

  4. Build your Federation Server

    Replace the stellar.yaml file with your own.

    Run docker build -t<username>/stellar-federation-server:latest .

  5. Deploy your Federation Server to your runtime location of your choosing.

    Sample K8s deployment is show in the repo.

More Information

More information about the federation server can be found in the Stellar Network Foundation documentation.