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ViSP stack for ROS
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ViSP stack for ROS


vision_visp provides ViSP algorithms as ROS components. ViSP is the Visual Servoing Platform and ROS a robotics middleware.

These packages are released under the GPL-2 license.

Components documentation is hosted on the wiki.

Support is provided through ROS Answers .

Which branch should I use?

Branches come in two flavors:

  • development branch,
  • release branch

Package for each ROS release is maintained on separate branches. I.e. jade-devel is the Jade development branch whereas jade is the Jade release branch.

master means the next ROS release.

If you are a user you should use a release branch as they contain stable and tested versions of the packages. If you are a developper you must provide new patches against master. You may also provide version-specific bug fix again older releases.

  • Never implement new features in old branches (i.e. not master). These Pull Requests will not be accepted. If you provide a bug fix then you may ask for it to be backported. ABI/API breakage prevent patches from being backported.
  • The only action allowed in release branches is merging the development branch in the current branch.

Warning: the Fuerte branches still rely on the legacy rosbuild build system. We recommend you to update to a newer ROS release. Only minimum maintained will be done for this release.

Additional development guidelines are provided in

Build Status

This stack supports the following ROS releases:

  • Hydro
  • Groovy
  • Fuerte
  • Indigo
  • Jade

The master branch holds the development that will be available in the next ROS release.

ROS Release Development Branch Development branch ( Release Branch Documentation (
Master Build Status N/A N/A N/A
Jade Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
Indigo Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
Hydro Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
Groovy Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
Fuerte Build Status N/A Build Status N/A
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