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Structured Text to Hybrid Program Translation

This is the half of the HyPLC tool that translates the IEC61131-3 standard structured text programming language for PLCs to a hybrid program specified in differential dynamic logic. This makes up one half of the HyPLC tool presented in [1]. For the converse translation, please visit the project link page. The tool has been directly integrated into the KeYmaera X command-line tool. *README TODO: Add usage examples


You can use the script to perform the translation for a given st file as follows:

  • python3 ./ st-file [hp-file]

where is a structured text program file that conforms to the subset of the IEC61131-3 standard defined in our paper, and is an option for providing a hybrid program where the ctrl can be replaced. This can be done by essentially writing a hybrid program as usual and including a placeholder "ctrl" variable where the ctrl of the system should reside.

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