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A Gnome 3 Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repos and their open pull requests on the top panel


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A Gnome Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repositories and their open pull requests on the top panel.


You can install GnomeHub directly from its page on


Tests are written in Jasmine. To run them, you need jasmine-gjs, a special runner of Jasmine designed for GJS. You can install it by compiling it or by downloading a pre-compiled package for your OS.

Once installed, you can run the tests:

$ cd gnomehub
$ jasmine


Print messages with log() or print() and see them in:

journalctl -f /usr/bin/gnome-session


When introducing new strings that need to be translated, update the translation template file locale/gnomehub.pot by running:

make potfile

To update an existing language's PO with new strings, run (replacing $LANG with the language code):

msgmerge --backup=off -U locale/$LANG/LC_MESSAGES/gnomehub.po locale/gnomehub.pot

To add a new language, run the following commands (replacing $LANG with the language code):

mkdir -p locale/$LANG/LC_MESSAGES/
msginit --locale=$LANG --input=locale/gnomehub.pot -o locale/$LANG/LC_MESSAGES/gnomehub.po


Created by Hernán Schmidt during the SUSE Hack Week 2015.

© 2017 Hernán Schmidt. This software is licensed under the GPLv3 License.