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Reverse engineered API 💻 of Freenet FUNK 📡
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Freenet FUNK API


Freenet FUNK is cellphone plan that offers unlimited (or 1 GB of) 4G data. The plan is can be started, stopped and paused daily.

To make the most out of this flexibility, I reverse engineered the API to give anyone the ability to develop amazing apps on their own!


  • Python >=3.2
  • pip


git clone

cd freenet-funk-api

python3 install


git clone

cd freenet-funk-api

python3 sdist bdist_wheel


Initialize the API

from funkapi import FunkAPI
api = FunkAPI("*username*", "*password*")

Get a Token (not really necessary to do that manually but I left the option)

token = api.getToken()

Initialize the API with a predefined Token

from funkapi import FunkAPI
api = FunkAPI("", "", token="*token*")

Check the validity of a Token (also not really necessary to do manually)

isValid = api.testToken("*token*")

Get Dashboard Data (includes every piece of data FUNK stores of you)

data = api.getData()

Get Personal Information (email, name, birthday, …)

personalInfo = api.getPersonalInfo()

Get a List of your ordered Products

products = api.getOrderedProducts()

Get the currently active Plan

currentPlan = api.getCurrentPlan()

Order the 1GB Plan

status = api.order1GBPlan()

Order the unlimited Plan

status = api.orderUnlimitedPlan()

Start a Break

status = api.startPause()

Stop the latest Product (includes stopping a break)

status = api.stopLatestPlan()


If you are missing a feature or have new idea, go for it! That is what open-source is for!


Tim-Luca Lagmöller (@lagmoellertim)


You can also contribute by buying me a coffee.


MIT License

Copyright © 2019-present, Tim-Luca Lagmöller

Have fun 🎉

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