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Generate spotify playlists based on a text message which the song names represent
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Spotify: Playlist from Text

  1. Details

  2. How to generate your own playlist

  3. License

  4. Credits

1. Details

  • With this software, you are able to build a playlist, in which the song titles represent the text you entered.

  • Here is an example:

    • The text "I love developing" will result in the following playlist:

    • Songtitle Spotify ID
      I Love spotify:track:30z4LVkScpeNhwHFIB8Ewa
      Developing spotify:track:50Xu1K7QVR3RG5bXDPYmEp
  • This does not work for every text, since not every combination of words has a song that can represent it, but many of them do work

2. How to generate your own playlist

2.1 Cloud Execution

  • Instead of installing this software locally on your computer, you are able to execute it in the cloud.

  • After opening the page, click run and wait until are asked for the text you want to transform into a playlist.

  • If your text can be converted to a playlist, you get a list of ID's which you can paste into a spotify playlist.

  • If it does not work, just enter a new text.

2.2 Local Installation

2.2.1 Installation

First, you need to clone or download this repository, open the folder and execute this command:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

2.2.2 Usage

First, you need to import the module

import spotify_text

Then, you have to create a SpotifyText object. To do that, you need to replace the client id and secret from spotify with your own ones.

st = SpotifyText("<spotify_client_id>",

If you want to generate the playlist, type:

st.generate_playlist("I love developing!", max_title_length=10)

# This will return a list if the playlist is generated successfully, else False

3. License

The code is published under the MIT License.

4. Credits

The code is developed by Tim-Luca Lagmöller.

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