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Lagom Recipes

Lagom is an open source framework for building reactive microservice systems in Java or Scala. This repository contains code examples to help you understand how to achieve common goals. In general, code in each folder of this repository tries to answer a question of type "How do I xyz ?". For example: "How do I use RDBMS read-sides with Cassandra write-sides?".

Each example is usually built in two steps (git commits) where the first commit introduces an example project and the second commit introduces the minimum changes required to complete the example. For example: in commit 9f8de2f a new project is added which is edited in commit b759a18. You can browse the repo history to find the changes demonstrating how to solve each specific problem.


To download and run these examples you will need:

  1. a git client
  2. sbt or Maven depending on the example.
  3. a Java Development Kit
  4. a code editor (such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, Atom,... )

Using these examples

If you want to run a specific example you will have to clone the whole repository and then navigate to a specific application folder. For example:

  • git clone
  • cd consumer-service/consumer-service-java-sbt

Each example includes specific instructions in it's file on how to run and exercise the application.

Contributing examples


Complete example index