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Lagoon Example Projects

A collection of example projects for use on Lagoon

Lagoon Example Collection

This is a repository of example Lagoon projects - designed for use with Lagoon and its local development environments.

A subset of these has been collected and tested at


  • Drupal9-base - Drupal 9, PHP 8, NGINX, MariaDB, also includes an PHP8.1-based version on a branch

  • Drupal9-solr - As Drupal9-base, with Solr 7 as a search backend, also includes a Solr 8-based version on a branch

  • Drupal9-elastic - As Drupal9-base, with Elasticsearch as a search backend, also includes an Opensearch-based version on a branch

  • Drupal9-varnish - As Drupal9-base, with Varnish 5 as an HTTP cache

  • Drupal9-full - As Drupal9-base, but with Redis 6 as a cache backend and Solr 8 as a search backend

  • Drupal9-postgres - As Drupal 9-base, with PostgreSQL 14 as a database backend

  • Drupal9-prerelease - Drupal 10, PHP 8, NGINX, MariaDB

  • Wordpress-base - Wordpress 6, PHP8, NGINX, MariaDB

Other Examples


  • Node-example
  • Silverstripe

Maintenance of these examples

These repositories are connected to RenovateBot, which will automatically trigger updates when dependencies are available. We use GitHub Actions to perform build and test routines. The tests themselves are generated by Leia, from README files in the repositories themselves.

Popular repositories

  1. An example repo with WordPress running on Lagoon.

    PHP 14 12

  2. drupal9 Public

  3. WIP Example of a Lagoonized Moodle installation




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