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ALM Reports

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How to start developing now?

ALM Reports uses Vagrant and Virtualbox for setting up the development environment. To start developing now on your local machine (Mac OS X, Linux or Windows):

  1. Install Vagrant:
  2. Install Virtualbox:
  3. Clone this repository git clone
  4. Cd into it and run vagrant up

Once the setup is complete (it might take up to 20 minutes), you'll be able to open up a browser and navigate to, and you should see this screen:

ALM Reports screenshot

Developing using AWS/EC2

You can also use a VM from AWS/EC2 to develop on, by first setting the relevant AWS credentials in Vagrantfile:

  aws.access_key_id = "EXAMPLE"
  aws.secret_access_key = "EXAMPLE"
  aws.keypair_name = "EXAMPLE"
  aws.security_groups = ["EXAMPLE"]
  override.ssh.private_key_path = "~/path/to/ec2/key.pem"

And then specifying the awsprovider:

vagrant up --provider=aws


Detailed instructions on how to start developing are here. When you're ready to deploy ALM Reports, take a look at the in-depth deployment guide.

In case you would like to setup the dependencies manually (for example for non-Vagrant local development, or for servers not provisioned with Chef), check out the manual installation guide.


ALM Reports is released under the MIT License.