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# Load relation_types
# Based on DataCite Metadata Schema 3.1:
# And CrossRef Metadata Schema:
find_existing_by: ['name']
# references
- name: cites
inverse_name: is_cited_by
title: Cites
inverse_title: Is cited by
- name: is_cited_by
inverse_name: cites
title: Is cited by
inverse_title: Cites
- name: is_supplement_to
inverse_name: is_supplemented_by
title: Is supplement to
inverse_title: Is supplemented by
- name: is_supplemented_by
inverse_name: is_supplement_to
title: Is supplemented by
inverse_title: Is supplement to
- name: continues
inverse_name: is_continued_by
title: Continues
inverse_title: Is continued by
- name: is_continued_by
inverse_name: continues
title: Is continued by
inverse_title: Continues
- name: is_metadata_for
inverse_name: has_metadata
title: Is metadata for
inverse_title: Has metadata
- name: has_metadata
inverse_name: is_metadata_for
title: Has metadata
inverse_title: Is metadata for
- name: is_part_of
inverse_name: has_part
title: Is part of
inverse_title: Has part
- name: has_part
inverse_name: is_part_of
title: Has part
inverse_title: Is part of
- name: references
inverse_name: is_referenced_by
title: References
inverse_title: Is referenced by
- name: is_referenced_by
inverse_name: references
title: Is referenced by
inverse_title: References
- name: documents
inverse_name: is_documented_by
title: Documents
inverse_title: Is documented by
- name: is_documented_by
inverse_name: documents
title: Is documented by
inverse_title: Documents
- name: compiles
inverse_name: is_compiled_by
title: Compiles
inverse_title: Is compiled by
- name: is_compiled_by
inverse_name: compiles
title: Is compiled by
inverse_title: Compiles
- name: reviews
inverse_name: is_reviewed_by
title: Reviews
inverse_title: Is reviewed by
- name: is_reviewed_by
inverse_name: reviews
title: Is reviewed by
inverse_title: reviews
- name: is_derived_from
inverse_name: is_source_of
title: Is derived from
inverse_title: Is source of
- name: is_source_of
inverse_name: is_derived_from
title: Is source of
inverse_title: Is derived from
# custom references needed for lagotto
- name: discusses
inverse_name: is_discussed_by
title: Discusses
inverse_title: Is discussed by
- name: is_discussed_by
inverse_name: discusses
title: Is discussed by
inverse_title: Discusses
- name: bookmarks
inverse_name: is_bookmarked_by
title: Bookmarks
inverse_title: Is bookmarked by
- name: is_bookmarked_by
inverse_name: bookmarks
title: Is Bookmarked by
inverse_title: Bookmarks
- name: recommends
inverse_name: is_recommended_by
title: Recommends
inverse_title: Is recommended by
- name: is_recommended_by
inverse_name: recommends
title: Is recommended by
inverse_title: Recommends
- name: views
inverse_name: is_viewed_by
title: Views
inverse_title: Is viewed by
- name: downloads
inverse_name: is_downloaded_by
title: Downloads
inverse_title: Is downloaded by
- name: likes
inverse_name: is_liked_by
title: Likes
inverse_title: Is Liked by
- name: is_viewed_by
inverse_name: views
title: Is viewed by
inverse_title: Views
- name: is_downloaded_by
inverse_name: downloads
title: Is downloaded by
inverse_title: Downloads
- name: is_liked_by
inverse_name: likes
title: Is Liked by
inverse_title: Likes
# versions
- name: is_new_version_of
inverse_name: is_previous_version_of
title: Is new version of
inverse_title: Is previous version of
- name: is_previous_version_of
inverse_name: is_new_version_of
title: Is previous version of
inverse_title: Is new version of
- name: is_original_form_of
inverse_name: is_variant_form_of
title: Is original form of
inverse_title: Is variant form of
- name: is_variant_form_of
inverse_name: is_original_form_of
title: Is variant form of
inverse_title: Is original form of
- name: is_identical_to
inverse_name: is_identical_to
title: Is identical to
inverse_title: Is identical to
# custom versions needed for lagotto
- name: corrects
inverse_name: is_corrected_by
title: Corrects
inverse_title: Is corrected by
- name: is_corrected_by
inverse_name: corrects
title: Is corrected by
inverse_title: Corrects