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@mfenner mfenner released this Jul 23, 2013 · 5548 commits to master since this release

ALM 2.8 was released on July 22, 2013. The development work focused on user account management.

User accounts

Prior to this release, the ALM application allowed only a single user account. We can now have multiple user accounts, plus different roles for them:

  • API user - to obtain an API key
  • staff - read-only access to the admin dashboard
  • admin - full access to the admin dashboard

A new user admin dashboard facilitates user management.

Social login

To facilitate account management for users and ALM admins, new user accounts can only be created via social login with one of these services:

The ALM application can be configured to use one of these services (but not both), or to use the old system of only a single admin user. The documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.

API keys

Now that API keys are created within the ALM application, we can check for valid API keys in every API request. This is currently only done to allow access to private sources for admins, and to enable create/update/delete in the REST API. For security reasons create/update/delete only works from requests originating from the same computer.


The documentation in the wiki is now included in the application, making it easier for users to find documentation. We use the github-markdown gem for this. The documentation has been updated with the changes in ALM 2.8, and other updates.

Other Changes

Many small changes and bug fixes. We now use memcached for caching, and we added to cron jobs to clean up temporary tables (error_messages and api_requests).

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