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Lagotto 3.12.1

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@mfenner mfenner released this 04 Jan 09:56
· 2202 commits to master since this release

Lagotto 3.12.1 was released on January 4, 2015 with the following changes:

  • log responses from external APIs to JSON file in logstash format (#214)
  • better handling of ActiveJob errors (#215)
  • run daily works import at the end of the day using a new cron:nightlyrake task, and write to separate cron_import.log (#216)
  • show all URLs associated with a work (and don't show the citeulike URL if there are no events) (#217)

Starting with this release, the raw responses from external sources are stored in a JSON file log/agent.log in logstash format, using the source name and work pid as tags:

  "message": "{\"total_rows\"=>328331, \"offset\"=>121903, \"rows\"=>[{\"id\"=>\"232944431433666561\", \"key\"=>\"10.1371/journal.pone.0042231\", \"value\"=>{\"_id\"=>\"232944431433666561\", \"_rev\"=>\"1-40047ae514c178f154fa7b0f877f146a\", \"text\"=>\"Role of the Irr Protein in the Regulation of Iron Metabolism in Rhodobacter sphaeroides\", \"from_user_id\"=>38951828, \"from_user_name\"=>\"Test\", \"geo\"=>nil, \"profile_image_url_https\"=>\"\", \"iso_language_code\"=>\"en\", \"to_user_name\"=>nil, \"entities\"=>{\"urls\"=>[{\"expanded_url\"=>\"\", \"indices\"=>[88, 108], \"display_url\"=>\"\", \"url\"=>\"\"}, {\"expanded_url\"=>\"\", \"display_url\"=>\"\", \"url\"=>\"\"}], \"hashtags\"=>[], \"user_mentions\"=>[]}, \"to_user_id\"=>0, \"id\"=>232944431433666560, \"to_user_id_str\"=>\"0\", \"source\"=>\"<a href="" rel="nofollow">twitterfeed</a>\", \"from_user_id_str\"=>\"38951828\", \"from_user\"=>\"TestCellBio\", \"created_at\"=>\"Tue, 07 Aug 2012 21:00:55 +0000\", \"to_user\"=>nil, \"id_str\"=>\"232944431433666561\", \"profile_image_url\"=>\"\", \"metadata\"=>{\"result_type\"=>\"recent\"}}}]}",
  "@timestamp": "2015-01-04T01:13:53.387-08:00",
  "@version": "1",
  "severity": "INFO",
  "host": "rwc-prod-alm03",
  "tags": [

This file can be further processed with logstash and made available for download.