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Lagotto 3.18

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@mfenner mfenner released this 02 Mar 15:13
· 1984 commits to master since this release

Lagotto 3.18 was released on March 2, 2015 with the following changes:

  • updated europe pmc fulltext source to also search in reference lists (#253)
  • added support for pagination in sources pmc_europe, europe_pmc_fulltext, and wikipedia sources (#255)
  • added Nature OpenSearch source (#257)
  • removed duplicate events in display on article pages (#256)
  • specify mysql port in database.yml using DB_PORT ENV variable, defaults to 3306 (#258)
  • updated documentation for API calls with many IDs, using POST instead of GET (#259)
  • added live API documentation using the swagger framework (#260)
  • removed cucumber tests, as we switched to rspec acceptance tests (#262)

The live API documentation is available at /api.

To load the new nature_opensearch source please run

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:seed