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Lagotto 3.19

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@mfenner mfenner released this 24 Mar 09:32
· 1879 commits to master since this release

Lagotto 3.19 was released on March 24, 2015 with the following changes:

  • allow user configuration of signposts, summaries of the most important metrics (#263)
  • support published_id when creating works via the v4 API (#264)
  • replacing the cucumber tests removed in (#262) with rspec acceptance tests (#265)
  • removed duplicate events in display on article pages (#256)
  • hard-code configuration URLs for sources, making it easier to automatically change these parameters via an upgrade (#271)
  • updated documentation to how correct service URLs for sources (#273)
  • upgrade to Rails 4.2.1 (#275)
  • switched from jasmine_rails to teaspoon for running javascript jasmine unit tests (#276)
  • only create one alert per message (#277)
  • fixed bug in generating report with mendeley, pmc or counter data (#279)
  • added data migrations, making it easier to update data, e.g. when the database schema changes (#280)

To customize the signposts, add/uncomment the following ENV variables in your .env file, separating multiple sources via comma:

# customize signposts, defaults are shown
# VIEWED=pmc,counter
# SAVED=mendeley,citeulike
# DISCUSSED=twitter,twitter_search,facebook
# CITED=crossref