Adding account names for other services under your profile ID #120

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cydix said
"I think it would be awesome if you could add like you Gamertag, PSN name, Battlenet account, etc. to your account so if people click on your profile you can find out their names so you could add them. "

I happen to agree with him.
Again this is not an urgent feature but I think it should be on the road map.
I also do not think it should be compulsory.

It was mentioned that an "about me" page would be a good idea.
I think this may be the best way to do it.
Although I think it should be structured in some way.

See the post
for the full discussion.


Yep, would be nice to have this 😄


In addition, I think it would be a good idea to allow a user to put their location (missile address, or nation of origin Ect)

This would also help us when someone complains the site is slow, we can find out where they are and this will help us diagnose the problem.


Cyclooctane, we will have to set up some type of expectations/guidelines for the users if we cannot replicate their issues and is most likely happening on their end.


Done in 1.4 profiles

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