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This package is an integration of joetannenbaum/phpushbullet library in Laravel 5.

Looking for a Laravel 4 version?

Use the 0.2 branch for Laravel 4 compatability.

Table of Contents


    "require": {
        "lahaxearnaud/laravel-pushbullet": "~1.0"

Add provider in your app.php

'providers' => array(

Add facade in your app.php

'aliases' => array(
    'PushBullet'        => 'Lahaxearnaud\LaravelPushbullet\LaravelPushbulletFacade',

Set the api key in config/services.php

  'pushbullet' => [
      'apiKey' => 'MY-APPI-KEY',

If you do not wish to put your access token in your code (understandable), simply set it to the environment variable named pushbullet.access_token and set:

  'apiKey' => $_ENV['pushbullet.access_token']

Listing Devices

To list the available devices on your account:


This will return an array of objects with all of the device information.


To Devices

When pushing a to a device, simply use the device's nickname or their iden from the list above.

To push to a single device:

PushBullet::device('Chrome')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');

To push to multiple devices:

PushBullet::device('Chrome')->device('Galaxy S4')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or
PushBullet::device('Chrome', 'Galaxy S4')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using an array
PushBullet::device(['Chrome', 'Galaxy S4'])->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using a collection
PushBullet::device(Device::all()->pluck('name'))->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');

If you want to push to all devices

PushBullet::all()->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');

To Type

You can select a type of device (ex android)

PushBullet::type('android')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or
PushBullet::type('android')->type('chrome')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or
PushBullet::type('android', 'chrome')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using an array
PushBullet::type(['android', 'chrome'])->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using a collection
PushBullet::type(Type::all()->pluck('name'))->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');

To Users

When pushing a to a user, simply use the user's email address:

To push to a single user:

PushBullet::user('')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');

To push to multiple users:

PushBullet::user('')->user('')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or
PushBullet::user('', '')->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using an array
PushBullet::user(['', ''])->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');
// or using a collection
PushBullet::user(User::findMany([1, 2, 3])->pluck('email'))->note('Remember', 'Buy some eggs.');




  • Title
  • Body
PushBullet::device('Chrome')->note('Musings', 'Why are fudgy brownies better than cakey brownies?');



  • Title
  • URL
  • Body (optional)
PushBullet::device('Chrome')->link('Look It Up', '', 'I hear this is a good site for finding things.');



  • Name
  • Address
PushBullet::device('Chrome')->address('The Hollywood Sign', '4059 Mt Lee Drive Hollywood, CA 90068');

Alternatively, you can pass in an associative array:

$address = [
  'address' => '4059 Mt Lee Drive',
  'city'    => 'Hollywood',
  'state'   => 'CA',
  'zip'     => '90068',

PushBullet::device('Chrome')->address('The Hollywood Sign', $address);



  • Title
  • Items (array)
$items = [

PushBullet::device('Chrome')->list('Do Not Forget', $items);



  • File Name
  • File URL (must be publicly available)
  • Body (optional)
PushBullet::device('Chrome')->file('The Big Presentation', '', 'Final version of slides.');