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Delimited continuations for Clojure

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A delimited continuations library for Clojure 1.4.0 (and 1.3.0). Portions based on cl-cont by Slava Akhmechet (

(def cont1 (atom nil))
(def cont2 (atom nil))
(def cont3 (atom nil))
(def cont4 (atom nil))

(reset (+ 1 (apply (fn [a b c]
                     (+ (shift k
                          (reset! cont1 k)
                            (k 1))
                         a b c))
                    3 4 (list 5)))) ;; 14

(@cont1 2) ;; 15

  (+ 1 (reset (shift k
                (reset! cont2 k)
                (k 2)))
       (reset (shift k
                (reset! cont3 k)
                (k 3))))) ;; 6

(@cont2 4) ;; 8
(@cont3 10) ;; 15

(reset (str "Hello" (shift k
                      (reset! cont4 k)
                        (k ", today is "))
            "a nice day!")) ; "Hello, today is a nice day"

(@cont4 ", yesterday was ") ; "Hello, yesterday was a nice day"


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