A pale mimicry of Xiki implemented in elisp.
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Elxiki is a emacs minor mode that performs context-aware actions based on the line at point. For instance, on the line "+ /home/", it will list all files in the home directory below it. Activating one of those lines will find that file. Other examples are "google/emacs/" to bring up a google search, or "env/" to list all your environment variables, which can then be edited directly.

Inspired by Xiki, but this time implemented in elisp.

Xiki is really nice, but it (a) has a ton of extra dependencies, and (b) overwrites a lot of emacs's defaults. Elxiki is an attempt writing at some of the easier to implement features in emacs lisp while following (more of) the emacs style guidelines.


At point, you can:

  • Fold/Unfold a directory.
    • Works with tramp too.
  • Run synchronous and asynchronous shell commands.
    • Also in subdirectories.
  • Run elisp.
  • Open files.
  • Open menus.
    • Have menu items run arbitrary code.
  • Filter output by typing.


Just require elxiki:

(add-to-list 'load-path "the/elxiki/folder/")
(require 'elxiki)

To get started, open up a buffer (scratch works fine), run M-x elxiki-mode, goto a new line, type elxiki/, and hit C-<return>.


Just M-x elxiki-mode, and then use elxiki-command (bound by default to C-<return> and M-<return>) to do things.

Open a directory:

Type a directory name on a new line starting with "~", ".", or "/" and ending with "/". Then you can open/close it with elxiki-command.

Run a shell command:

Any line starting with "$ " will run as a shell command inline. "% " Can be used for asynchronous commands. If the lines are indented below a directory, they are run as if they were in that directory.

Run emacs lisp:

"! " lines will run emacs lisp commands inline.


"@ " or prefixless lines will open up menus, if you have them defined. The all/ menu lists all menus.

Stuff To Add

  • Saving menus.
  • Work on windows, etc.
  • Comment prefixes.