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Friend changelog


Core API

  • :login-uri now actually defaults to "/login" as indicated in documentation (Yoshito Komatsu, gh-13)
  • Authorization failures are now handled more sanely (gh-19):
    • :unauthorized-redirect-uri is no longer used (was nonsensical)
    • additional data may now be added to the stone thrown upon unauthorized access (see cemerick.friend/authorize, cemerick.friend/authenticated, and throw-authorized)
    • data added to stone thrown by cemerick.friend/throw-authorized is now added to the request passed to :unauthorized-handler in the :cemerick.friend/authorization-failure slot
  • HTTP 401 is now used instead of 403 to properly indicate unauthorized authenticated request (gh-20)
  • cemerick.friend/logout* is now public (John Szakmeister)


  • http-basic workflow now properly responds with www-authenicate challenge when no credentials are provided and :allow-anon? is false (gh-16)
  • the OpenID workflow's :max-nonce-age must now be specified in milliseconds instead of seconds
  • the OpenID workflow no longer adds unprintable objects to the ring session


  • Documentation for cemerick.friend/identity fixed