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v2.0.0-RC0: TBD

v2.0.0-BETA19: Jan 07 2012

  • Added absolute memory usage to MetricsServlet.
  • Extracted @Timed etc. to metrics-annotations.
  • Added metrics-jersey, which provides a class allowing you to automatically instrument all @Timed, @Metered, and @ExceptionMetered-annotated resource methods.
  • Moved all classes in metrics-scala from com.yammer.metrics to com.yammer.metrics.scala.
  • Renamed CounterMetric to Counter.
  • Renamed GaugeMetric to Gauge.
  • Renamed HistogramMetric to Histogram.
  • Renamed MeterMetric to Meter.
  • Renamed TimerMetric to Timer.
  • Added ToggleGauge, which returns 1 the first time it's called and 0 every time after that.
  • Now licensed under Apache License 2.0.
  • Converted VirtualMachineMetrics to a non-singleton class.
  • Removed Utils.
  • Removed deprecated constructors from Meter and Timer.
  • Removed LoggerMemoryLeakFix.
  • DeathRattleExceptionHandler now logs to SLF4J, not syserr.
  • Added MetricsRegistry#groupedMetrics().
  • Removed Metrics#allMetrics().
  • Removed Metrics#remove(MetricName).
  • Removed MetricsRegistry#threadPools() and #newMeterTickThreadPool() and added #newScheduledThreadPool.
  • Added MetricsRegistry#shutdown().
  • Renamed ThreadPools#shutdownThreadPools() to #shutdown().
  • Replaced HealthCheck's abstract name method with a required constructor parameter.
  • HealthCheck#check() is now protected.
  • Moved DeadlockHealthCheck from com.yammer.metrics.core to com.yammer.metrics.utils.
  • Added HealthCheckRegistry#unregister(HealthCheck).
  • Fixed typo in VirtualMachineMetrics and MetricsServlet: commited to committed.
  • Changed MetricsRegistry#createName to protected.
  • All metric types are created exclusively through MetricsRegistry now.
  • Metrics.newJmxGauge and MetricsRegistry.newJmxGauge are deprecated.
  • Fixed heap metrics in VirtualMachineMetrics.
  • Added Snapshot, which calculates quantiles.
  • Renamed Percentiled to Sampling and dropped percentile and percentiles in favor of producing Snapshot instances. This affects both Histogram and Timer.
  • Renamed Summarized to Summarizable.
  • Changed order of CsvReporter's construction parameters.
  • Renamed VirtualMachineMetrics.GarbageCollector to VirtualMachineMetrics.GarbageCollectorStats.
  • Moved Guice/Servlet support from metrics-servlet to metrics-guice.
  • Removed metrics-aop.
  • Removed newJmxGauge from both Metrics and MetricsRegistry. Just use JmxGauge.
  • Moved JmxGauge to com.yammer.metrics.util.
  • Moved MetricPredicate to com.yammer.metrics.core.
  • Moved NameThreadFactory into ThreadPools and made ThreadPools package-visible.
  • Removed Timer#values(), Histogram#values(), and Sample#values(). Use getSnapshot() instead.
  • Removed Timer#dump(File) and Histogram#dump(File), and Sample#dump(File). Use Snapshot#dump(File) instead.

v2.0.0-BETA18: Dec 16 2011

  • Added DeathRattleExceptionHandler.
  • Fixed NPE in VirtualMachineMetrics.
  • Added decorators for connectors and thread pools in metrics-jetty.
  • Added TimerMetric#time() and TimerContext.
  • Added a shorter factory method for millisecond/second timers.
  • Switched tests to JUnit.
  • Improved logging in GangliaReporter.
  • Improved random number generation for UniformSample.
  • Added metrics-httpclient for instrumenting Apache HttpClient 4.1.
  • Massively overhauled the reporting code.
  • Added support for instrumented, non-public methods in metrics-guice.
  • Added @ExceptionMetered to metrics-guice.
  • Added group prefixes to GangliaReporter.
  • Added CvsReporter, which outputs metric values to .csv files.
  • Improved metric name sanitization in GangliaReporter.
  • Added Metrics.shutdown() and improved metrics lifecycle behavior.
  • Added metrics-web.
  • Upgraded to ehcache 2.5.0.
  • Many, many refactorings.
  • metrics-servlet now responds with 501 Not Implememented when no health checks have been registered.
  • Many internal refactorings for testability.
  • Added histogram counts to metrics-servlet.
  • Fixed a race condition in ExponentiallyDecayingSample.
  • Added timezone and locale support to ConsoleReporter.
  • Added metrics-aop for Guiceless support of method annotations.
  • Added metrics-jdbi which adds instrumentation to JDBI.
  • Fixed NPE for metrics which belong to classes in the default package.
  • Now deploying artifacts to Maven Central.

v2.0.0-BETA17: Oct 07 2011

  • Added an option message to successful health check results.
  • Fixed locale issues in GraphiteReporter.
  • Added GangliaReporter.
  • Added per-HTTP method timers to InstrumentedHandler in metrics-jetty.
  • Fixed a thread pool leak for meters.
  • Added #dump(File) to HistogramMetric and TimerMetric.
  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.9.x.
  • Upgraded to slf4j 1.6.2.
  • Upgraded to logback 0.9.30.
  • Upgraded to ehcache 2.4.5.
  • Surfaced Metrics.removeMetric().

v2.0.0-BETA16: Aug 23 2011

  • Fixed a bug in GC monitoring.

v2.0.0-BETA15: Aug 15 2011

  • Fixed dependency scopes for metrics-jetty.
  • Added time and VM version to vm output of MetricsServlet.
  • Dropped com.sun.mangement-based GC instrumentation in favor of a one. getLastGcInfo has a nasty native memory leak in it, plus it often returned incorrect data.
  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.8.5.
  • Upgraded to Jetty 7.4.5.
  • Added sanitization for metric names in GraphiteReporter.
  • Extracted out a Clock interface for timers for non-wall-clock timing.
  • Extracted out most of the remaining statics into MetricsRegistry and HealthCheckRegistry.
  • Added an init parameter to MetricsServlet for disabling the jvm section.
  • Added a Guice module for MetricsServlet.
  • Added dynamic metric names.
  • Upgraded to ehcache 2.4.5.
  • Upgraded to logback 0.9.29.
  • Allowed for the removal of metrics.
  • Added the ability to filter metrics exposed by a reporter to those which match a given predicate.

v2.0.0-BETA14: Jul 05 2011

  • Moved to Maven for a build system and extracted the Scala façade to a metrics-scala module which is now the only cross-built module. All other modules dropped the Scala version suffix in their artifactIds.
  • Fixed non-heap metric name in GraphiteReporter.
  • Fixed stability error in GraphiteReporter when dealing with unavilable servers.
  • Fixed error with anonymous, instrumented classes.
  • Fixed error in MetricsServlet when a gauge throws an exception.
  • Fixed error with bogus GC run times.
  • Link to the pretty JSON output from the MetricsServlet menu page.
  • Fixed potential race condition in histograms' variance calculations.
  • Fixed memory pool reporting for the G1 collector.

v2.0.0-BETA13: May 13 2011

  • Fixed a bug in the intial startup phase of the JmxReporter.
  • Added metrics-ehcache, for the instrumentation of Ehcache instances.
  • Fixed a typo in metrics-jetty's InstrumentedHandler.
  • Added name prefixes to GraphiteReporter.
  • Added JVM metrics reporting to GraphiteReporter.
  • Actually fixed MetricsServlet's links when the servlet has a non-root context path.
  • Now cross-building for Scala 2.9.0.
  • Added pretty query parameter for MetricsServlet to format the JSON object for human consumption.
  • Added no-cache headers to the MetricsServlet responses.

v2.0.0-BETA12: May 09 2011

  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.6.
  • Added a new instrumented Log4J appender.
  • Added a new instrumented Logback appender. Thanks to Bruce Mitchener (@waywardmonkeys) for the patch.
  • Added a new reporter for the Graphite aggregation system. Thanks to Mahesh Tiyyagura (@tmahesh) for the patch.
  • Added scoped metric names.
  • Added Scala 2.9.0.RC{2,3,4} as build targets.
  • Added meters to Jetty handler for the percent of responses which have 4xx or 5xx status codes.
  • Changed the Servlet API to be a provided dependency. Thanks to Mårten Gustafson (@chids) for the patch.
  • Separated project into modules:
    • metrics-core: A dependency-less project with all the core metrics.
    • metrics-graphite: A reporter for the Graphite aggregation system.
    • metrics-guice: Guice AOP support.
    • metrics-jetty: An instrumented Jetty handler.
    • metrics-log4j: An instrumented Log4J appender.
    • metrics-logback: An instrumented Logback appender.
    • metrics-servlet: The Metrics servlet with context listener.

v2.0.0-BETA11: Apr 27 2011

  • Added thread state and deadlock detection metrics.
  • Fix VirtualMachineMetrics' initialization.
  • Context path fixes for the servlet.
  • Added the @Gauge annotation.
  • Big reworking of the exponentially-weighted moving average code for meters. Thanks to JD Maturen (@sku) and John Ewart (@johnewart) for pointing this out.
  • Upgraded to Guice 3.0.
  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.5.
  • Upgraded to Jetty 7.4.0.
  • Big rewrite of the servlet's thread dump code.
  • Fixed race condition in ExponentiallyDecayingSample. Thanks to Martin Traverso (@martint) for the patch.
  • Lots of spelling fixes in Javadocs. Thanks to Bruce Mitchener (@waywardmonkeys) for the patch.
  • Added Scala 2.9.0.RC1 as a build target. Thanks to Bruce Mitchener (@waywardmonkeys) for the patch.
  • Patched a hilarious memory leak in java.util.logging.

v2.0.0-BETA10: Mar 25 2011

  • Added Guice AOP annotations.
  • Added HealthCheck#name().
  • Added Metrics.newJmxGauge().
  • Moved health checks into HealthChecks.
  • Upgraded to Jackon 1.7.3 and Jetty 7.3.1.

v2.0.0-BETA10: Mar 25 2011

  • Added Guice AOP annotations: @Timed and @Metered.
  • Added HealthCheck#name().
  • Added Metrics.newJmxGauge().
  • Moved health checks into HealthChecks.
  • Upgraded to Jackon 1.7.3 and Jetty 7.3.1.

v2.0.0-BETA9: Mar 14 2011

  • Fixed JmxReporter lag.
  • Added default arguments to timers and meters.
  • Added default landing page to the servlet.
  • Improved the performance of ExponentiallyDecayingSample.
  • Fixed an integer overflow bug in UniformSample.
  • Added linear scaling to ExponentiallyDecayingSample.

v2.0.0-BETA8: Mar 01 2011

  • Added histograms.
  • Added biased sampling for timers.
  • Added dumping of timer/histogram samples via the servlet.
  • Added dependency on jackon-mapper.
  • Added classname filtering for the servlet.
  • Added URI configuration for the servlet.

v2.0.0-BETA7: Jan 12 2011

  • Added JettyHandler.
  • Made the Servlet dependency optional.

v2.0.0-BETA6: Jan 12 2011

  • Fix JmxReporter initialization.

v2.0.0-BETA5: Jan 11 2011

  • Dropped Counter#++ and Counter#--.
  • Added Timer#update.
  • Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.0.
  • Made JMX reporting implicit.
  • Added health checks.

v2.0.0-BETA3: Dec 23 2010

  • Fixed thread names and some docs.

v2.0.0-BETA2: Dec 22 2010

  • Fixed a memory leak in MeterMetric.

v2.0.0-BETA1: Dec 22 2010

  • Total rewrite in Java.

v1.0.7: Sep 21 2010

  • Added median to Timer.
  • Added p95 to Timer (95th percentile).
  • Added p98 to Timer (98th percentile).
  • Added p99 to Timer (99th percentile).

v1.0.6: Jul 15 2010

  • Now compiled exclusively for 2.8.0 final.

v1.0.5: Jun 01 2010

  • Documentation fix.
  • Added TimedToggle, which may or may not be useful at all.
  • Now cross-building for RC2 and RC3.

v1.0.4: Apr 27 2010

  • Blank Timers (i.e., those which have recorded no timings yet) no longer explode when asked for metrics for that which does not yet exist.
  • Nested classes, companion objects, and singletons don't have trailing $s messing up JMX's good looks.

v1.0.3: Apr 16 2010

  • Fixed some issues with the plumbing.
  • Tweaked the sample size for Timer, giving it 99.9% confidence level with a %5 margin of error (for a normally distributed variable, which it almost certainly isn't.)
  • Sample#iterator returns only the recorded data, not a bunch of zeros.
  • Moved units of Timer, Meter, and LoadMeter to their own attributes, which allows for easy export of Metrics data via JMX to things like Ganglia or whatever.

v1.0.2: Mar 08 2010

  • Timer now uses Welford's algorithm for calculating running variance, which means no more hilariously wrong standard deviations (e.g., NaN).
  • Timer now supports +=(Long) for pre-recorded, nanosecond-precision timings.

v1.0.1: Mar 05 2010

  • changed Sample to use an AtomicReferenceArray

v1.0.0: Feb 27 2010

  • Initial release