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Arch manual pages


pacman -S pyalpm python-chardet python-django python-psycopg2 python-requests


  1. In the directory mysite copy to and edit DEBUG = True and the SECRET_KEY variable.

  2. Configure a connection to a PostgreSQL database in the Django database settings in the mysite/ file.

  3. Make migrations.

     ./ makemigrations
  4. Migrate changes.

     ./ migrate
  5. Start the development web server with ./ runserver. The site should be available at http://localhost:8000, saying that there are 0 man pages and 0 packages (because they were not imported yet). The server will automatically reload when you make changes to the webapp code or templates.

  6. Run the script to import some man pages. However, note that the full import requires to download about 7.5 GB of packages from a mirror of the Arch repos and then the extraction takes about 20-30 minutes. (The volume of all man pages is less than 300 MB though.) If you won't need all man pages for the development, you can run e.g. --only-repos core to import only man pages from the core repository (the smallest one, download size is about 160 MB) or even --only-packages coreutils man-pages.