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#! /usr/bin/env python3
import re
import logging
import mwparserfromhell
from ws.client import API
from ws.interactive import edit_interactive, ask_yesno
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Recategorize:
edit_summary = "recategorize to avoid redirect after the old category has been renamed"
flag_for_deletion_summary = "unused category, flagging for deletion"
def __init__(self, api):
self.api = api
def recategorize_page(self, page, source, target):
title = page["title"]
text_old = page["revisions"][0]["*"]
timestamp = page["revisions"][0]["timestamp"]
source = self.api.Title(source)
assert(source.namespace == "Category")"Parsing page [[{}]] ...".format(title))
wikicode = mwparserfromhell.parse(text_old)
for wikilink in wikicode.ifilter_wikilinks(recursive=True):
wl_title = self.api.Title(wikilink.title)
if wl_title.namespace == "Category" and wl_title.pagename == source.pagename:
wikilink.title = target
text_new = str(wikicode)
if text_old != text_new:
# edit_interactive(self.api, title, page["pageid"], text_old, text_new, timestamp, self.edit_summary, bot="")
self.api.edit(title, page["pageid"], text_new, timestamp, self.edit_summary, bot="")
def flag_for_deletion(self, title):
_title = self.api.Title(title)
assert(_title.namespace == "Category")
result = self.api.call_api(action="query", prop="revisions", rvprop="content|timestamp", titles=title)
page = list(result["pages"].values())[0]
text_old = page["revisions"][0]["*"]
timestamp = page["revisions"][0]["timestamp"]
text_new = text_old
if not"{{deletion\|", text_old, flags=re.IGNORECASE):
text_new += "\n{{Deletion|unused category}}"
if text_old != text_new:"Flagging page [[{}]] for deletion.".format(title))
self.api.edit(title, page["pageid"], text_new, timestamp, self.flag_for_deletion_summary, bot="")
def recategorize_over_redirect(self, category_namespace=14):
# FIXME: the source_namespace parameter of redirects.fetch does not work, so we need to do manual filtering
redirects = self.api.redirects.fetch()
catredirs = dict((key, value) for key, value in redirects.items() if self.api.Title(key).namespace == "Category")
for source, target in catredirs.items():
ans = ask_yesno("Recategorize pages from [[{}]] to [[{}]]?".format(source, target))
if ans is False:
catmembers = self.api.generator(generator="categorymembers", gcmtitle=source, gcmlimit="max", prop="revisions", rvprop="content|timestamp")
for page in catmembers:
# the same page might be yielded multiple times
if "revisions" in page:
self.recategorize_page(page, source, target)
# check again to see if the category is empty
catmembers = list(self.api.list(list="categorymembers", cmtitle=source, cmlimit="max"))
if len(catmembers) == 0:
logger.warning("Page [[{}]] is still not empty: {}".format(source, sorted(page["title"] for page in catmembers)))
input("Press Enter to continue...")
Recategorization complete. Before deleting the unused categories, make sure to \
update interlanguage links. The unused categories are still redirects and are \
not listed under Special:UnusedCategories, but they can be found in \
if __name__ == "__main__":
import ws.config
api = ws.config.object_from_argparser(API, description="Recategorize pages to avoid redirect after the old category has been renamed")
r = Recategorize(api)
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