Web extension for Scribe to get user profile after OAuth authentication process
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What is ScribeUP ?

ScribeUP (for Scribe User Profile) is a web-oriented extension for the Scribe library. It retrieves the profile of a user after this user has been authenticated by an OAuth provider. It’s available under the Apache 2 license.
Take a look at the technical description of the project. Browse the Javadoc.

OAuth providers supported

Facebook Github Google LinkedIn Twitter Yahoo

Who can use ScribeUP ?

Everybody can use ScribeUP by following the sample.
However, the library was created to be the foundation of the cas-server-support-oauth module, which adds OAuth support to the CAS server (version 3.5.0).


The version 1.0.0 has been released.
The current version : 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT is under development. It’s available on Sonatype snapshots repository.
Learn more about versions.


ScribeUP is tested by 143 unit tests and also 6 integration tests on OAuth providers by simulating complete authentication processes (using the HtmlUnit library).


Find me on LinkedIn or by email : leleuj at gmail.com