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MyHomeBoardPHP is a hostable homepage allowing you to take your bookmarks anywhere without the need of syncing browsers, as well as allowing you to customize with quick widgets (coming soon)

MyHomeBoardPHP is meant for internal or protected external purposes only, there is no form of security to prevent anyone from modifying your links. This is something I am wanting to add in the future, but for the time being this is an internal script only.

You can get a live demo here: MyHomeBoardPHP


Downloading the source and upload anywhere on your site or localhost.

Upload the .sql file (myhomeboardphp.sql) to your MySQL server, how you do this is your own choice but I use/tested this with phpmyadmin.

Open the configuration file (include/configuration.php) and update it to your liking, DB credentials are required at the top.

If you are wanting to use the News or Weather widget, which at the time being are the only two you can use - you'll need to register for an API account at NewsAPI and OpenWeatherMap, then enter the API key into the configuration file (include/configuration.php).

Limitations to the Drop Down

When Bootstrap 3 was released back in August 2013 mdo and I imagine some others decided to drop support for Submenus, this means that you can't create out of the box nested drop down menus in Navigation Bars anymore. There are a few hacky ways that you can add it in to Bootstrap 4, but I've yet to find one that actually works well - so for the time being MyHomeBoardPHP won't be able to support them, sorry. I am actively looking at ways of adding this as it is something I want myself.

Bootstrap 3 Press Release


  • Add option to change configuration without needing to edit file.
  • Add some form of security.
    • Stop people from being able to send you delete links, and it delete your link
    • Password protect Link Management
  • Filter and order by options in Link Management


Thanks to the dudes on the PlayerSquared Discord for giving me some top tier design ideas and helping me with some of the link editing/adding PHP. (aka tustin + algebra)