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Lain's layer 0 and layer 1 base image auto building with jenkins
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MIT license

Lain's layer 0 and layer 1 base image auto building with jenkins

1. Introduction

lain-jenkins-config is jenkins' job build config, which would build, tag and push images to your own registry

lain-jenkins-config 用于lain 基础组件镜像的自动化构建,主要包括两种类型的组件 lain build 和 non-build组件,最终 更新lain

lain build组件都是通过 lain build && lain tag dev 和 lain push dev 三步构建镜像,并将对象push到指定registry

non-lain build 组件则是有自己的构建规则,然后最终push到指定registry

2. Jenkins build step

2.1 install docker with version 1.11.1 or later, start docker

2.2 install lain-cli && lain-sdk

2.3 lain config (private_docker_registry & domain(eg: dev)) to your registry

2.4 install jenkins && run jenkins with root

2.5 docker login {registry}

2.6 config jenkins Root Url && config registry for jenkins

2.7 install plugin of jenkins

2.8 restart jenkins

2.9 create jenkins job

3 Run jenkins with root user

3.1 edit jenkins config file

vi /etc/sysconfig/jenkins

change others as you like, such as port, address etc.

3.2 change ownership of jenkins

chown -R root:root /var/lib/jenkins
chown -R root:root /var/cache/jenkins
chown -R root:root /var/log/jenkins

3.3 restart jenkins

service jenkins restart

4 Tools in repo

4.1 build base environment of jenkins (step 2.1 to 2.4) (set env(PRIVATE_DOCKER_REGISTRY && REGISTRY) before run this shell)

4.2 set Root Url for Jenkins (step 2.6)

4.3 set registry address in jenkins (step 2.6)

4.4 jenkins_util: install jenkins plugin and create jobs (rewrite {job}/config.xml as your like) (step 2.7 to 2.9)

5 Build jenkins with tools


5.2 ./

5.3 docker login ${registry} #login for image push

5.4 ./ #set Root Url for Jenkins

5.5 ./ ${registry} #config registry in jenkins

5.6 change plugin.cfg and check config.xml as you like

5.7 ./jenkins_util -a {address} -u {username} -p {passward} -i -c

6 Attentions

2. docker login
3. set jenkins root url
4. set registry address to 'non-lain build' component's config.xml 
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