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Various wine patches mostly aimed at improving performance. May require CSMT patches.
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0001-ntdll-improve-heap-allocation-performance.patch rebase Apr 17, 2017
0002-ntdll-heap.c-align-everything-to-64-byte-to-reduce-f.patch rebase Apr 17, 2017
0003-wine-list.h-linked-list-cache-line-prefetching.patch rebase Apr 17, 2017
0004-ntdll-heap.c-freelist_balance-prefetch-next-entry-ca.patch rebase Apr 17, 2017
0005-oleaut32-typelib.c-fix-cursor2-having-the-wrong-type.patch rebase Apr 17, 2017
0007-wined3d-use-SwitchToThread-waits-in-wined3d_pause.patch remove superflous cast May 15, 2017 rebase & add sleeps via select(...) to wined3d_pause() May 15, 2017


Various wine patches mostly aimed at improving performance that aren't in wine or wine-staging (yet?). May require CSMT patches (wine-staging).


Improves heap allocation performance by balancing free lists and improving common bottlenecks. Fixes Guild Wars 2 FPS decrease when it is running for a longer period of time and can almost double the FPS in big fights (World Bosses, WvW, etc...) by reducing the overhead of the memory allocator from ~30% CPU time to ~2%.

Don't use the "ntdll-Heap_FreeLists" patch from wine-staging when using this one (they have conflicting changes).


Align allocated memory to 64 byte boundaries to lessen false-sharing issues. May increase RAM usage.

0003-wine-list.h-linked-list-cache-line-prefetching.patch, 0004-ntdll-heap.c-freelist_balance-prefetch-next-entry-ca.patch, 0005-oleaut32-typelib.c-fix-cursor2-having-the-wrong-type.patch

Potentially doubles the speed at which linked-list can be traversed. Linked lists are used in many places in wine. Patch 0005 is only needed if you are also using the heap allocation patch (0001).


Align data in allocated memory to 16 byte byte boundaries.


Requires: CSMT patches.

Can reduce CPU usage when using the CSMT patchset by up to 50% or sometimes even more. Whether this translates into an FPS increase or an improvement in responsiveness depends on your OS and hardware (and game).

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