2016, Nov 24: WORKSHOP on MapMap (Open Source Mapping)

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November 24: LibreMapping Workshop (MapMap) (Concordia University)


Image from mapmap.info website

Introductory Discussion

  • need for open source video mapping software
  • for people who want to learn about mapping but are new to it
  • idea of intersourcing; knowledge exchange through open source technology
    • esp to address current demand for video mapping

Introductory Instructions

1. Import video source

  • list of sources that are imported will appear on the right
  • sources are called "Paints"; like a paint palette (of videos, but could also be colours)

2. Use Paints to create a mapping; projecting it in a shape

  • three kinds of mappings: Meshes/Quads (square), Trianges, Ellipses (circle)
  • source is in top half, the original image; the bottom half is for editing/manipulation
  • can use triangle to shape the image or select a specific part of it
  • mappings work like layers in Photoshop; will overlap each other unless you change their order in the paint palette
    • can also change opacity, make one layer invisible, view them separately ("soloing"), etc

3. Changing dimensions and shapes

  • when you select the layer, you can change its properties, including dimensions
  • so if it's a rectangle, dimensions will be 2x2, and if you change width to 4, you will end up adding columns
    • can individually manipulate these sections

4. Ellipses & Vertices

  • you can use this to shape the image's projection and angle
    • good for if videos or images are twisted or at an angle
  • sticky vertices
    • move the nodes of the corners; the vertices stick to existing mappings (triangles, etc. that are already there)
  • do the mapping directly on the surface you're mapping
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