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Interactive Redis: A Terminal Client for Redis with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting.
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IRedis (Interactive Redis)

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A Terminal Client for Redis with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting. It is an alternative for redis-cli. IRedis is supposed to friendly for both user and redis-server, which means it is safe to use IRedis on production server. IRedis provide a --strict mode to prevent accidently running dangerous command, like KEYS *(See here, the Latency generated by slow commands section.

This project is under development, any comments are welcome.


  • Advanced code completion. If you run command KEYS then run DEL, iredis will auto complete your command based on KEYS result.
  • Command validation: CLUSTER MEET IP PORT
  • Command highlighting, fully based on redis grammar. Any valide command in iredis shell is a valide redis command.
  • Ctrl + C to clear cureent line, won't exit redis-cli. Use Ctrl + D
  • Say "Goodbye!" to you when you exit!
  • Ctrl + R to open reverse-i-search to search through command history.
  • Auto suggestions. (Like fish shell.)
  • Support --encode=utf-8, to decode Redis' bytes responses.
  • Command hint on bottom, include command syntax, supported redis version, and time complexity.


pip install iredis


$ iredis -h


Setup Environment

iredis favors poetry as a packagement tool. You can setup a develop envioment on your computer easily.

First, install poetry(You can do it in a python's virtualenv):

pip install poetry

Then run(which euqals pip install -e .):

poetry install --develop=DEVELOP

Development Logs

Since this is a commandline tool, so we didn't write logs to stdout.

You can tail -f iredis.log to see logs, the log is pretty clear, you can see what actually happend from log files.

Command Reference

There is a full Redis command list in commands.csv file, downloaded by:

python scripts/ > data/commands.csv

commands.csv is here only for test if was updated, do not package it into release.

Current implemented commands: command_syntax.csv.

Planned Features

Please see issue. And you are welcome to submit one.

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